Rochester Landmarks


Rochester Landmarks documents Richard Margolis's interest of landmark buildings, public art, and big trees that all contribute to Rochester's unique history and culture. That 'sense of place' reminds us that we all are part of the history. The buildings and trees that have weathered storms and time points to why preservation is important. These landmarks connect us to our past and inspire us to do good work that will last well into the future.



Product Details

  • Published 2015, preface by Richard Margolis

  • Introduction by Wayne Goodman, essay by Joanne Beck

  • Soft cover, 95 pages, 86 photographs

  • 8" x 9.75" 

  • Artist information


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
School of Photographic Sciences, MFA 1978

Richard is a fine art photographer who discovered that he has more in common with printmakers and painters than most photographers. The quality of the print, the size, the tonality, surface and edges matter often more than the subject. Richard uses primarily black and white film and prints large format images. The traditional black and white process resonates with Richard in the uniqueness of each print and the time invested in their creation.