Hospital Escuela Renovation and Expansion

RIT Hope for Honduras began with a collaboration between RIT’s interior design program and the not-for-profit organization, Little Angels of Honduras. Christian Perry, LAH co-founder, approached Professor Golden in 2017 with a request to prepare designs for their proposed 4,200 square-foot addition to Hospital Escuela. Twenty seniors in the healthcare studio, led by RIT adjunct professor Shannon Buchholtz, created concepts in collaboration with Herman Miller.  Following the studio project, Little Angels of Honduras, Prof. Golden and a team of volunteer architects, engineers, RIT interior designers developed the design and worked to compose the construction documentation for the now 12,500 square foot addition and renovation. This final design will more than double Hospital Escuela’s newborn capacity, and for the first time, implement a skin-to-skin incubation education program and an infectious disease protocol. It is estimated, when in operation, the new NICU will save an additional 600 newborns per year.

Next Phase

The construction drawing set was completed and stamped by Honduran architect partner Andres Castillo and the documents submitted to the Honduran Ministry of Health. The project is pending final approval for the $6,000,000 construction and outfit budget that will lead to public bidding and construction.


Shannon Buchholtz, RIT Adjunct Professor, Interior Design


Mary Golden, RIT Assistant Professor, Interior Design


Herman Miller
Little Angels of Honduras
Hospital Escuela

BFA Students

Samantha Bell, Interior Design
Felicia Boria, Interior Design
Sarah Bottini, Interior Design
Alexandra Bravo, Interior Design
Barbara Casale, Interior Design
Christine Checho, Interior Design
Sydney Dacosta, Interior Design
Rebecca Dowling-Fitzpatrick Erika Edwards, Interior Design
Angelina Grasso, Interior Design
Han Ni Htoo, Interior Design

Brittany Nowicki, Interior Design
Nah Tivah Ross, Interior Design
Julie Ryan, Interior Design
Allie Seely, Interior Design
Jordanae Smith, Interior Design
Octavia Spelman, Interior Design
Amy Staub-Van Dewater, Interior Design
Jennets Tho, Interior Design
Josephine Yu, Interior Design

Floor Plan
  • 5th Floor Plan with Zones - PDF
  • 6th Floor Plan with Zones - PDF