Mobile Health Units: Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

The Honduran health system is currently experiencing systemic challenges in providing access to quality, urgent response medical care. The need is most prevalently seen in overloaded emergency departments, underfunded and under resourced hospitals.  Critical to healthcare reform is the government’s initiative to streamline management and increase access to emergency and preventative medicine for the general population. The First Lady of Honduras, Ana Hernandez, has made the introduction of a system for MHU and telemedicine a priority in her agenda and invited RIT Hope for Honduras to assist in explorations for implementation.

In 2019, 11 senior interior design students in the Special Projects course performed independent literature reviews, participated in experiential activities with medical provider peers and professionals to inform human-centered and evidence-based design proposals for mobile medical units outfitted with telehealth medicine. 


Mary Golden, RIT Assistant Professor, Interior Design


Jiahao Chao
Logan Fugle 
Christopher Guldenschuh 
Marjorie Henderson 
Sarah Ingraham 
Caitlin Litaker
Samantha O’Neill
Stephanie Prince 
Michelle Reuter 
Taylor Thormahlen 
Marlee Vlassis



The student-faculty research team investigated existing telemedicine equipped ambulances, interviewed first responders and toured a local emergency department with the Chief Resident to inform the design process.