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Black Belt Program

CQAS’s Black Belt training program is a keystone element of the Lean Six Sigma program and builds upon the lessons learned through the prerequisite Green Belt training program. Each participant is required to complete a Black Belt project that will continue beyond the training timeframe and directly benefit their organization. On average, Black Belt projects have returned $50,000 or more in value to participants’ sponsoring organizations and have provided immediate return-on-investment that is exponentially higher than the cost of the training program.  The program is offered both on the RIT campus (“open” enrollment) and on a contract basis for client organizations.

Black Belt ProgramRequest Information

Key topics include:

  • Statistical Inference
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Correlation and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Project Leadership, Organization Learning, and Presentation Skills
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
  • Components of Variance/Multi-Variance Charts
  • Reliability Indices
  • Design of Experiments
  • Two-Level Factorial Design
  • Two-Level Fractional Factorial
  • Response Surface Methods
  • SPC/Control Charts
  • Capability Analysis

CQAS’s Black Belt program provides in-depth data analysis tools and processes to fully implement the Lean Six Sigma problem solving process to generate superior data driven solutions, productive yields, and dramatically improved bottom-line results.

Contract Black Belt Program
Our popular on-campus Black Belt certification program is also available as a customized contract program held onsite at your location, usually as a “blended” program with both onsite elements and remote or online components.  This customized program covers all the same tools and topics but is delivered using a blended learning approach with standard classroom hours supplemented by online project reviews and self-paced online content.  Contact us for more information.


You must have taken RIT’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program or a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program from another provider prior to registering for RIT’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program:

  • If you have not completed a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program, please register for our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program.
  • If you have completed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program at RIT, please email us at with the date of completion and we will forward a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Registration form.
  • If you have completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training from another Provider, please forward the following information to
    • Certificate of completion (copy)
    • Green Belt curriculum (copy)
    • Lean Six Sigma Project: brief summary, tools used, benefits achieved, project sponsor contact information
    • Training Provider name, delivery method utilized, and dates of training
      We will review this information to determine your readiness level for our Black Belt program.  Please email qualifications or questions to
Open Black Belt Schedule

Please contact Margi Ochs, Marketing, 585-475-6113 or for upcoming dates.

Open Black Belt Pricing

Please contact Margi Ochs, Marketing, 585-475-6113 or for pricing.

Open Black Belt Registration

Please see the “Prerequisites” section and contact with requested information.  Instructions will be provided for registration.


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