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The C-Print Model for Speech-to-Text Services with Educational Software and Automatic Speech Recognition

Supported by: 

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Model Demonstration Projects for Children with Disabilities

Project Description: 

The Model Demonstration project implements the C-Print model for speech-to-text (captioning) support service on college campuses with mainstreamed deaf and hard-of-hearing students. In addition to creating an implementation model, this project tests a number of functions of C-Print Pro software, used with standard laptops:

  1. service providers’ use of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) as a mode of input for captioning;
  2. students’ use of embedded educational tools; and,
  3. students’ and service providers’ use of a messaging feature.
Project Activities: 
  • Developing C-Print Pro software, including ASR application
  • Preparing web-based C-Print training materials for service providers
  • Evaluating training materials for service providers
  • Measuring service providers’ captioning proficiency
  • Creating web-based student guides for the C-Print software
  • Implementing captioning service through field trials in college classes;
  • Comparing the effect of ASR C-Print, typed C-Print, or interpreter use on understanding of course material and final grades for deaf and hard-of-hearing postsecondary students;
  • Interviewing students, professors, and service providers about their experiences with C-Print.