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Increasing Access to STEM Instruction through Specially Produced Notes Using Tablet PC Technology and Speech-to-text Services

Supported by: 

National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education, Course Curriculum and Laboratory Instruction Phase 1 Exploratory

Project Description: 

This project applies concepts of Universal Design for Instruction to the C-Print captioning support service with the tablet PC. In this project, we test the impact of the distribution of C-Print notes with graphics to all students enrolled in specific college Physics and Statistics classes. We compare outcomes for student performance and student attendance of students who either receive or do not receive these notes. Through an additional experiment, we will test the comprehension of Biology and Physics course material for students who are in one of four groups: (a) deaf or hard-of-hearing; (b) learning disability; (c) English Language Learners; (d) those students who do not possess any of the characteristics of the first 3 groups.

Project Activities: 
  • Creating pre- and post-test measures of course content
  • Distributing notes to entire class (one each, Physics & Statistics)
  • Developing Biology lecture and Physics lecture with graphics and accompanying notes for each
  • Creating evaluation materials to assess comprehension of lecture notes
  • Gathering questionnaire data from students regarding use of notes and study strategies
  • Interviewing faculty about impact of distributed notes