Basic Statistics and Design of Experiments (DOE)


Format On-campus or online (instructor-led)
Cost $895
Duration 3 days (on-campus), 2 weeks (online)
Availability Summer, on-demand
Prerequisites None
CEU's or PDH's 2.0 CEU's

How can you determine if a new process performs better than the original? How can you be confident that a new drug or vaccine will be safe and effective?  How can you best determine which market(s) to target a new product?  Reliable answers to questions like these are found by collecting data from properly designed tests, trials, or experiments.  Too often organizations use informal methods (eg. opinions) or poorly designed experiments to make important decisions.  Experimental design is a way to carefully plan experiments in advance so that your results are both objective and valid. Effective experimental design and analysis are critical to improving products and processes, reducing waste, lowering costs, and improving productivity.

This how-to workshop focuses on understanding the fundamental elements of experimental design and how to apply experimental design to solve real problems.  A statistical software package, Minitab®, is used to help create designs, analyze data, and interpret results more efficiently and effectively. We will examine how to use proven statistical methods to properly design, collect, and analyze experimental data.

1) On-campus option

The on-campus workshop is offered over a 3-day period.  Each topic is reinforced through discussion, case studies, exercises, and simulations.  Exercises and simulations are conducted in our computer lab using Minitab statistical software.  Outside of class, participants are welcome to join online discussions with the instructor and other students. 

2) “Blended online” option

The online instructor-led workshop covers the same material as the 3-day on-campus program but is available over a 2-week period through our online Learning Management System, providing flexibility to your schedule.  Learning materials include pre-recorded lectures, case studies, exercises, and simulations.  We keep you actively engaged through online discussions with the instructor and other students. (If you don’t have access to Minitab software, go to to download a free trial copy).


  • One-factor-at-a-time experiments - what your competitors want you to use
  • The importance of a strategy of experimentation
  • Summarizing results in experiments - main effects and interactions
  • Two-level designs for 3-5 factors - the 2k designs
  • Variation when conditions are held constant -  a review
  • The importance of randomizing and blocking in experiments
  • Handling variation naturally in two-level designs
  • The value of non-replicated experiments
  • How to select the correct number of runs for an experiment
  • The role of center points and how to use them correctly
  • Fractional factorial (2k–p) designs - studying 5-15 factors, or more efficiently
  • The use of fold-over designs to gain more information
  • Case studies, simulations, and exercises
  • Using Minitab® to, help create designs and interpret results

Who Should Attend

Professionals in engineering, R&D, manufacturing, quality, and marketing who plan, conduct, analyze, and interpret tests to evaluate the impact of key parameters on the performance of products and processes.  Learn how to select the most effective design to answer important questions that maximize results while minimizing time and effort.


A “certificate of completion” from RIT’s Center for Quality and Applied Statistics is issued upon completing the program including all assigned exercises. 


Contact us at or 585-475-6990 for future dates.

Pricing and Registration

Individual Registration: $895

Discounts (only one discount per person)

  • Members of MedTech or GRQC: $806 (10%)
  • RIT Alumni, Employees, and Immediate Family Members: $716 (20%)
  • Full-Time College Students (all institutions): $716 (20% discount).  Contact or 585-475-6990 for a coupon code.

Group Registration (no other discounts apply) *

  • 2 people: $806 per person (10%).  RIT Alumni and Employees - please register as 2 individuals
  • 3+ people: $716 per person (20%)

Please register by clicking on the appropriate program below. You may also register by contacting 585-475-6990 or

Accommodations: Rooms may be reserved at the Radisson Hotel adjacent to the RIT campus. Information on how to make a reservation will be emailed to you.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be issued for cancellations received and confirmed at least 10 business days prior to the program date. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after that date. Please email with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  If Minitab is new to you or you have not used it in a while, we offer a short “Introduction to Minitab” workshop, but this is not required. 

On-campus participants will utilize Minitab in our computer lab.  Online students may go to and download a free trial version which will last the duration of the workshop.

Yes. If you are unable to come to campus on any of the workshop days, you may instead access the materials online and complete the workshop.  Online discussions are available to all participants whether they are on-campus or online.

Our online courses and workshops are virtually identical in content to our “live” on-campus courses, but they are conducted online and are flexible to your personal schedule.  Unlike self-paced online training, we keep you actively engaged with our instructors and other program participants.  Instead of in-class discussions, you will participate in online discussions.

Yes.  Our online course environment is available to our on-campus students, who are also welcome to participate in online discussions for the duration of the online workshop.  If you aren’t comfortable with online learning, register for the on-campus version but feel free to check-out the online materials.  All registrants are provide pdf’s of course materials which remain available after the workshop ends.

If you do not complete the required material and exercises, you will not receive a “certificate of completion” from RIT.  The workshop includes about 24 hours or class material along with exercises using Minitab, and online participants are given two weeks to meet all requirements, so be sure to budget your time accordingly.

No.  Participants are offered the flexibility of completing the workshop on-campus or online.