Print 'Take the A Train'


This print was inspired by the classic jazz standard popularized by Duke Ellington. After researching the song, Fontanel discover that a woman, Joya Sherill, wrote the lyrics, which are often sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Fontanel strove to evoke the liveliness of the tune with vibrating bright yellow and red typographic elements.

  • One of three impressions
  • 12" x 18"
  • Inks : Van Son rubber-base inks in yellow, red, and black /non-labeled, random, vintage ink for gradient mixing
  • Paper: Mohawk Superfine, 80 C
  • Type: Vintage type sourced from P22 Type Foundry’s analog holdings.
  • The brush-like “TRAIN” is from a full font of copper photoengraved type.
  • The black impression at top is printed from the foundry type called Empire, designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1937.
  • The smaller text at bottom is Huxley Vertical, designed by Walter Huxley in 1935.