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Introducing Robofish

Keen observations by RIT engineering students of the short and powerful, yet simple, muscle movements of river trout resulted in the development of Robofish, a robotic fish that replicates those muscle movements using a super-strong, stretchy fiber that carries an electrical charge. It’s a technological discovery that could lead to a new wave of prosthetics that can help those with disabilities to regain fine motor skills and even mobility.

We made these robotic creatures. But for me, it’s really the end goal—how can we adapt this?

Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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The Future of Prosthenavbar-brandtics

RIT engineering students built Robofish using a super-strong, stretchy fiber that carries an electrical charge. The material then contracts, similar to the way human muscles do after receiving an electrical impulse from the brain.

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Robofish is a perfect illustration of RIT’s track record of preparing students for successful careers by grounding their education in practical, real-world experience early and often.

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