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Scholarly Works

Besim Agusaj

2014 Submissions

Book Chapter

Tipuric, Darko and Marli Gonan Bozac. "Outsourcing: Service Success or Service Failure." Case Studies in Strategic Management. Zagreb, Croatia: Sinergija, 2014. 379-392. Print.

Published Conference Proceedings

Walker, Kevin, Besim Agusaj, and Milena Kuznin. "Approaches to Hospitality Entrepreneurship Education in the Future: Traditional or Effectual?" Proceedings of the EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014 - The Future of Hospitality. Ed. John Fong. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: n.p., 2014. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Agusaj, Besim and Jennifer Matic. "The Alignment of Hospitality Education with Industry Needs In Transitional Countries: The Case of Croatia." Revista de Turism 12. (2012): 19-27. Print. *

Agusaj, Besim. "Managers and New HR Paradigm." Direktor. (2012): 18-20. Print. ˆ

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Agusaj, Besim. "Employee Engagement." DT Workshop. Dubrovnik Travel. Dubrovnik, Croatia. 16 Nov. 2012. Lecture.