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Scholarly Works

Babak Elahi

2014 Submissions

Full Length Book

Lawrance, Benjamin. Amistad’s Orphans: An Atlantic Story of Children, Slavery, and Smuggling. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2014. Print. «

Lawrance, Benjamin and Gayla Ruffin. Adjudicating Refugee and Asylum Status: The Role of Witness, Expertise, and Testimony. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2014. Print. «

Pardee, Jessica. Surviving Katrina. Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Rienner/First Forum Press, 2014. Print. «

Journal Paper

Herbert, A. M., et al. "The Casual Role of the Lateral Occipital Complex in Visual Mirror Symmetry Detection and Grouping: An fMRI-guided TMS Study." Cortex 51. (2014): 46-55. Web. «

DiFonzo, N., et al. "Rumor as Revenge in the Workplace." Group & Organization Management 39. (2014): 363-388. Print. «

Herbert, A. M., et al. "Symmetry Detection in Visual Impairment: Behavioral Evidence and Neural Correlates." Symmetry 6. (2014): 427-433. Print. «

Herbert, A. M., et al. "Visual Symmetry Perception in Early Onset Monocular Blindness." Visual Cognition 22. (2014): 963-974. Print. «

Edlund, J. E. and A.E. Edlund. "Contextual Effects on Abortion Decisions: A Short Report." North American Journal of Psychology 16. 1 (2014): 159-163. Print. «

Edlund, J. E., et al. "Experimenter Characteristics and Word Choice: Best Practices When Administering an Informed Consent." Ethics and Behavior 24. 5 (2014): 397-407. Print. «

Edlund, J.E. and A.L. Nicolas. "Contribution to Alonga et al." Perspectives on Psychological Science 9. 5 (2014): 556-578. Print. «

Edlund, J.E. and B.J. Sagarin. "The Mate Value Scale." Personality and Individual Differences 64. 1 (2014): 72-77. Print. «

Comer, J., et al. "Japanese Adolescents’ Disclosure to Parents and Well-being: The Role of Family Decision-making and Domain of Activity." Child Development 85. (2014): 901-907. Print. «

Pandolfi, V., C.I. Magyar, and M. Norris. "Validity Study of the CBCL 6-18 for the Assessment of Emotional Problems in Youth with ASD." Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities 7. (2014): 306-322. Print. «

DeLong, C. M., et al. "The Ability to Recognize Objects From Dolphin Echoes Generalizes Across Multiple Orientations in Humans and Neural Networks." Animal Cognition 17. 3 (2014): 543-557. Print. «

DiFonzo, N., et al. "Network Structure Moderates Intergroup Differentiation of Stereotyped Rumors." Social Cognition 32. 5 (2014): 409-448. Print. «

Edlund, J.E., et al. "The Prevalence and Prevention of Crosstalk: A Multi-institutional Study." Journal of Social Psychology 154. 3 (2014): 181-185. Print. «

Schenkel, L.S., et al. "Child Maltreatment and Trauma Exposure Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing Young Adults." Child Abuse and Neglect 38. (2014): 1581-1589. Print. «

Schenkel, L. S., T. Chamberlain, and T. L. Towne. "Impaired Theory of Mind and Psychosocial Functioning in Type I versus Type II Pediatric Patients with Bipolar Disorder." Psychiatry Research 215. (2014): 740-746. Print. «

Published Conference Proceedings

Rantanen, E.M., L. Hochberg, and R. S. Johar. "Linguistic Analysis of Archival Human Factors Jobs Data." Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. Ed. Unknown. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2014. Print. «

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Lukomski, J. and D. Wellin. "The Yoga of Leadership." RIT Connectology Leadership Conference: Break the Mold: Leading the Way. RIT Student Union. Rochester, NY. 15 Mar. 2014. Conference Presentation.

Lukomski, J. "Strategies for Coping with Change." Executive Assistants Workshop on Dealing with Leadership Changes. Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, NY. 11 Sep. 2014. Conference Presentation.

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Elahi, Babak. "Poisons and Remedies in Sadegh Hedayat's The Blind Owl." Middle Eastern Literatures 15. 2 (2012): 178-80. Print. ∆

Elahi, Babak. "Crossing Tehran Avenue: Digital and Urban Spaces in Tehran." Cultural Studies 26. 6 (2012): 956-981. Print. «

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Elahi, Babak. "Crossing Tehran Avenue: Digital, Urban, and Diasporic Spaces." Iranian Studies Seminar Series. Foundation for Iranian Studies and Toronto Initiative for Iranian Studies. Toronto, Canada. 19 Oct. 2012. Lecture. *

2013 Submissions

Published Review

Elahi, Babak. "Amy Motlagh, Burying the Beloved: Marriage, Realism, and Reform in Modern Iran." Rev. of Burying the Beloved: Marriage, Realism, and Reform in Modern Iran, by Amy Motlagh. International Journal of Middle East Studies 2 May 2013: 375-377. Print. ∆

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Elahi, Babak. "The Critic as Activist: Cultural Commentary in Iran's Digital Transnational Aesthetic Sphere." Iran: Art and Discourse. Asia Society and the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. New York, New York. 26 Oct. 2013. Lecture. ∆

2011 Submissions

Journal Editor

Tavakoli-Targhi, Mohamad, Babak Elahi (Guest Editor), and Persis Karim (Guest Editor), ed. Comparative Studies in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Durham, NC: Duke, 2011. Print. *