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Barbara Peric

2015 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Peric, Barbara and Nikolina Bozinovic. "Cross-linguistic Influences in Spanish L3 Acquisition by Learners with Croatian L1 and English L2." Proceedings of the The Fifth International Congress Applied Linguistics Today-New Tendencies in Theory and Practice,27-29 November, 2015, Novi Sad, Serbia. Ed. Vesna Polovina, Stanislav Stankovic. Novi Sad, Serbia: n.p., Print.

2014 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Bozinovic, Nikolina and Barbara Peric. "The use of grammar learning strategies in adult learners of different foreign languages." Proceedings of the The Fifth International Conference of the Institute of Foreign Languages and the Society of Applied Linguistics of Montenegro Word Across Cultures, June12-13,2014, Podgorica, Montenegro. Ed. Vesna Bratic, Milica Vukovic. Podgorica, Montenegro: Institute of Foreign Languages, Print.