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Dorin Patru
Associate Professor

2012 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Mykyta, Alexander, et al. "Reconfigurable Framework for High-Bandwidth Stream-Oriented Data Processing." Proceedings of the IEEE SoCC Conference, Niagara Falls, NY 2012. Ed. IEEE. Niagara Falls, NY: n.p., Print. *

Welch, Eric, et al. "A Study of the Use of Simd Instructions for Two Image Processing Algorithms." Proceedings of the IEEE WNYIPW 2012, Rochester, NY 2012. Ed. IEEE. Rochester, NY: IEEE, Print. *

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Patru, Dorin, and R. Scott Hudson. “Optically injected logic circuits for remote-powered systems on a chip.” Computers & Electrical Engineering, 36.6 (2010): 1075-1092. Print. ≠ *