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Scholarly Works

Jeremy Cody
Assistant Professor

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Cody, Jeremy A., et al. "A Convenient One-pot Synthesis of Ethylene Blue." Tetrahedron Letters 53. (2012): 4896-4899. Print. * ˆ

Cody, Jeremy A., Christina G. Collison, and Courtney Stanford. "An SN1-SN2 Lesson in an Organic Chemistry Lab Using a Studio-Based Approach." Journal of Chemical Education 89. (2012): 750-754. Print. * ˆ

Cody, Jeremy A., et al. "Design and Implementation of a Self-Directed Stereochemistry Lesson Using Embedded Virtual Three-Dimensional Images in a Portable Document Format." Journal of Chemical Education 89. (2012): 29-33. Print. * ˆ

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Cody, Jeremy, I. Ahmed, D. Tusch. “Studies toward the total synthesis of eletefine: an efficient construction of the AB ring system.” Tetrahedron Letters, 51.42 (2010): 5585–5587. Print. † ≠ *

Formal Presentation

Cody, Jeremy. “Innovative studio-based approach to teaching organic chemistry.” 240th American Chemical Society National Meeting. Boston, MA. 24 August 2010. Presentation. †