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John Whelan
Associate Professor

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Whelan, John T. "Data Analysis: How to Find A Black Hole." LIGO Magazine. 2 (2013): 14. Web. ˆ ≠

Aasi, J., et al. "Search for Long-lived Gravitational-wave Transients Coincident with Long Gamma-ray Bursts." Physical Review D 88. 12 (2013): 122004. Print. * ≠

Aasi, J., et al. "Directed Search for Continuous Gravitational Waves from the Galactic Center." Physical Review D 88. 10 (2013): 102002. Print. * ≠

Aasi, J., et al. "Parameter Estimation for Compact Binary Coalescence Signals with the First Generation Gravitational-wave Detector Network." Physical Review D 88. 6 (2013): 62001. Print. * ≠

Aasi, J., et al. "Enhanced Sensitivity of the LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector by Using Squeezed States of Light." Nature Photonics 7. 8 (2013): 613-619. Print. * ≠

Adrián-Martínez, S., et al. "A First Search for Coincident Gravitational Waves and High Energy Neutrinos Using LIGO, Virgo and ANTARES Data from 2007." Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. 6 (2013): 8. Print. * ≠

Aasi, J., et al. "Einstein@Home All-sky Search for Periodic Gravitational Waves in LIGO S5 Data." Physical Review D 87. 4 (2013): 42001. Print. * ≠

Aasi, J., et al. "Search for Gravitational Waves from Binary Black Hole Inspiral, Merger and Ringdown in LIGO-Virgo Data from 2009-2010." Physical Review D 87. 2 (2013): 22002. Web. * ≠

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Mittal, Rupal, et al. "Herschel Observations of Extended Atomic Gas in the Core of the Perseus Cluster." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 426. 4 (2012): 2957-2977. Print. * ≠

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Fairhurst, Stephen, et al. "Current Status of Gravitational-wave Observations." General Relativity and Gravitation 43. 2 (2011): 387-407. Print. * £ ≠

Chung, C. T. Y., et al. "Designing a Cross-correlation Search for Continuous-wave Gravitational Radiation from a Neutron Star in the Supernova Remnant SNR 1987A." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 414. 3 (2011): 2650-2663. Print. * £ ≠

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Abadie, J., J.T. Whelan, et al. (LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration). “All-sky search for gravitational-wave bursts in the first joint LIGO-GEO-Virgo run.” Physical Review D, 81.10 (2010): 102001. Print. ≠*

Whelan, John T, Reinhard Prix and Deepak Khurana. “Searching for galactic white-dwarf binaries in mock LISA data using an F-statistic template bank.” Classical and Quantum Gravity, 27.5 (2010): 055010. Print. ≠*

Abbott, B. P. et al. “Searches for gravitational waves from known pulsars with Science Run 5 LIGO data.” The Astrophysical Journal, 713.1 (2010): 671-685. Print. ≠*

Babak, Stanislav et al. “The Mock LISA Data Challenges: from Challenge 3 to Challenge 4.” Classical and Quantum Gravity, 27.8 (2010): 084009. Print. ≠*

Abbott, B. P. et al. “Search for gravitational-wave bursts associated with gamma-ray bursts using data from LIGO Science Run 5 and Virgo Science Run 1.” The Astrophysical Journal, 715.2 (2010): 1438-1452. Print. ≠*

Abadie, J. et al. “Search for gravitational-wave inspiral signals associated with short Gamma-Ray Bursts during LIGO’s fifth and Virgo’s first science run.” The Astrophysical Journal, 715.2 (2010): 1453-1461. Print. ≠*

Abadie, J et al. “Predictions for the rates of compact binary coalescences observable by ground- based gravitational wave detectors.” Classical and Quantum Gravity, 27.17 (2010): 173001. Print. ≠*

Abadie, J. et al. “Calibration of the LIGO Gravitational Wave Detectors in the Fifth Science Run.” Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 624.1 (2010): 223-240. Print. ≠*

Abadie, J. et al. “First search for gravitational waves from the youngest known neutron star.” The Astrophysical Journal, 722.2 (2010): 1504-1513. Print. ≠ *

Abadie, J. et al. “Search for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence in LIGO and Virgo data from S5 and VSR1.” Physical Review D, 82.5 (2010): 102001. Print