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Scholarly Works

Michael Palanski
Assistant Professor

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Palanski, Dr. Michael. "Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Workplace: A Multi-Level Perspective and Research Agenda." Journal of Business Ethics 109. (2012): 275-287.. Print. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael, James Avey, and Tara Wernsing. "Exploring the Process of Ethical Leadership: The Mediating Role of Employee Voice and Psychological Ownership." Journal of Business Ethics 107. (2012): 21-34. Print. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael, Hannes Leroy, and Tony Simons. "Authentic Leadership and Behavioral Integrity as Drivers of Follower Commitment and Performance." Journal of Business Ethics 107. (2012): 255-264. Print. « £

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Clarcq, J., R. DeMartino, and M.E. Palanski. "George C. Marshall: An Enduring Model of Leadership Effectiveness." Journal of Character and Leadership Integration. 2 (2011): 17-34. Print. « £

Palanski, M.E. and G. Vogelgesang. "Virtuous Creativity: The Effects of Leader Behavioural Integrity on Follower Creative Thinking and Risk Taking." Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. 28 (2011): 259-269. Print. « £

Avery, J., M.E. Palanski, and F. Walumbwa. "When Leadership Goes Unnoticed: The Moderating Role of Follower Self-esteem on the Relationship Between Ethical Leadership and Follower Behaviors." Journal of Business Ethics. 98 (2011): 573-582. Print. « £

Palanski, M.E., S. Kahai, and F.J. Yammarino. "Team Virtues and Performance: An Examination of Transparency, Behavioral Integrity, and Trust." Journal of Business Ethics. 99 (2011): 201-216. Print. « £

Palanski, M.E. and F.J. Yammarino. "Effects of Behavioral Integrity on Follower Job Performance: A Three-study Examination." Leadership Quarterly. 22 (2011): 765-786. Print. « £

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Markham, Steven E., Francis J. Yammarino, William D. Murry, and Michael E. Palanski. “Leader-Member Exchange, Shared Values, and Performance: Agreement and Levels of Analysis Do Matter.” The Leadership Quarterly, 21.3 (2010): 469-80. Print. «