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Michael Palanski
Associate Professor

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Eubanks, Dawn, et al. "Team Dynamics in Virtual, Partially Distributed Teams: Optimal Role Fulfillment." Computers in Human Behavior. (2016): 556-568. Web. £

Hammond, Michelle, Michael Palanski, and Rachel Clapp-Smith. "Beyond (just) the Workplace: A Theory of Leadership Development Across Multiple Domains." Academy of Management Review. (2016): 1-100. Web. £

Palanski, Michael, et al. "An Enrichment/Impairment Perspective on Leading in Multiple Domains: The Impact on Leader/Follower Well-being and Stress." Research in Organizational Stress and Well Being. (2016): 1-10. Web. £

2015 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Palanski, Michael, et al. "Leader Identity Across Domains: Exploring Self-other Agreement at Work, at Home, and in Community Organizations"." Proceedings of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology. Olso, Norway: n.p., 2015. Print. £

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Palanski, Dr. Michael, et al. "Creativity in Early and Established Career: Insights into Multi-Level Drivers from Nobel Prize Winners." Journal of Creative Behavior. (2014): forthcoming. Print. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael and R. Schaefer. "Emotional Contagion at Work: An In-Class Experiential Activity." Journal of Management Education 38. (2014): 533-559. Print. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael, et al. "Virtuous Leadership: Exploring the Effects of Leader Courage and Behavioral Integrity on Leader Performance and Image." Journal of Business Ethics. (2014): 1-14. Print. « £

Book Chapter

Palanski, Dr. Michael, et al. "Time to Create: Pathways to Earlier and Later Creative Discoveries in Nobel Prize Winners." Creativity and Leadership in Science, Technology, and Innovation. New York, NY: Routledge, 2014. forthcoming. Print. £

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Palanski, Dr. Michael, James B. Avey, and Napatsorn Jiraporn. "The Effects of Ethical Leadership and Abusive Supervision on Job Search Behaviors in the Turnover Process." Journal of Business Ethics. (2013): DOI 10.1007/s10551-013-1690-6. Web. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael, Tony Simons, and Linda Trevino. "Toward a Broader - But Still Rigorous - Definition of Leader Integrity: Commentary." Leadership Quarterly 24. (2013): 391 - 934. Web. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael and Rebecca A. Bull Schaefer. "Emotional Contagion at Work: An In-Class Experiential Activity." Journal of Management Education. (2013): 1 - 27. Web. « £

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Palanski, Dr. Michael. "Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Workplace: A Multi-Level Perspective and Research Agenda." Journal of Business Ethics 109. (2012): 275-287. Print. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael, James Avey, and Tara Wernsing. "Exploring the Process of Ethical Leadership: The Mediating Role of Employee Voice and Psychological Ownership." Journal of Business Ethics 107. (2012): 21-34. Print. « £

Palanski, Dr. Michael, Hannes Leroy, and Tony Simons. "Authentic Leadership and Behavioral Integrity as Drivers of Follower Commitment and Performance." Journal of Business Ethics 107. (2012): 255-264. Print. « £

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Clarcq, J., R. DeMartino, and M.E. Palanski. "George C. Marshall: An Enduring Model of Leadership Effectiveness." Journal of Character and Leadership Integration. 2 (2011): 17-34. Print. « £

Palanski, M.E. and G. Vogelgesang. "Virtuous Creativity: The Effects of Leader Behavioural Integrity on Follower Creative Thinking and Risk Taking." Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. 28 (2011): 259-269. Print. « £

Avery, J., M.E. Palanski, and F. Walumbwa. "When Leadership Goes Unnoticed: The Moderating Role of Follower Self-esteem on the Relationship Between Ethical Leadership and Follower Behaviors." Journal of Business Ethics. 98 (2011): 573-582. Print. « £

Palanski, M.E., S. Kahai, and F.J. Yammarino. "Team Virtues and Performance: An Examination of Transparency, Behavioral Integrity, and Trust." Journal of Business Ethics. 99 (2011): 201-216. Print. « £

Palanski, M.E. and F.J. Yammarino. "Effects of Behavioral Integrity on Follower Job Performance: A Three-study Examination." Leadership Quarterly. 22 (2011): 765-786. Print. « £

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Markham, Steven E., Francis J. Yammarino, William D. Murry, and Michael E. Palanski. “Leader-Member Exchange, Shared Values, and Performance: Agreement and Levels of Analysis Do Matter.” The Leadership Quarterly, 21.3 (2010): 469-80. Print. «