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Reginald Rogers

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

DiLeo, R A, et al. "Balanced Approach to Safety of High capacity Silicon-Germanium-Carbon Nanotube Free-standing Lithium Ion Battery Anodes." Nano Energy. (2012): 268-275. Print. *

Forney, M W, et al. "High Performance Silicon Free-standing Anodes Fabricated by Low-pressure and Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition onto Carbon Nanotube Electrodes." Journal of Power Sources. (2012): 270-280. Print. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Ganter, Matthew J, et al. "Electrochemical Performance and Safety of Lithium Ion Battery Anodes Incorporating Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes." Proceedings of the MRS Proceedings. Ed. Cambridge University Press. Boston, MA: Cambridge University Press, 2012. Web. *