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Scholarly Works

Sarah Thompson
Assistant Professor

2012 Submissions

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Thompson, Sarah. "Chartres and the Concept of Gothic." International Congress on Medieval Studies. Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University. Kalamazoo, MI. 12 May 2012. Conference Presentation. ˜

Thompson, Sarah. "The Origins of Gothic Design Process." Society of Architectural Historians 2012 Conference. Society of Architectural Historians. Detroit, MI. 20 Apr. 2012. Conference Presentation. ˜

Thompson, Sarah. "Tracing Twelfth-Century French Builders." College Art Association Annual Meeting. College Art Association. Los Angeles, CA. 25 Feb. 2012. Conference Presentation. ˜

Published Review

Thompson, Sarah. "New Approaches to Medieval Architecture." Rev. of New Approaches to Medieval Architecture, eds. Clark, William W., Bork, Robert, and McGehee, Abby. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians Sep. 2012: 416-418. Print. ˜

Journal Paper

Thompson, Sarah. "Adaptation and Audience: Remodeling Notre-Dame d'Étampes in the Thirteenth Century." AVISTA Forum Journal 22. (2012): 121-148. Print. «

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Thompson, Sarah. “Structuring the Gothic Past: The Abbey Church of Saint-Denis in Nineteenth Century Architectural Scholarship.” Plymouth State University Medieval and Renaissance Forum. Plymouth, NH. 16-17 April 2010. Presentation.

Thompson, Sarah. “Canons and Kings: Reassessing the Evidence and Impact of Royal Patronage at the Church of Notre-Dame d’Étampes.” Annual Meeting of the Mid-American Medieval Association. Conception, MO. February 2010. Presentation.