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Scholarly Works

Wael Abdel Samad

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Samad, W. A., et al. "Hybrid Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of a Pinned Joint." Experimental Mechanics. (2013) Print. «

Samad, W. A. and R. E. Rowlands. "Full-Field Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of a Finite Structure Containing an Irregularly-Shaped Hole." Experimental Mechanics. (2013) Web. «

2012 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Khaja, A. A., et al. "Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of A Mechanical Fastener." Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics. Ed. Helena Jin, et al. Palo Alto, California: Springer New York, 2013. Print. ˜