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Scholarly Works

W Michelle Harris
Associate Professor

2012 Submissions


Harris, W. Michelle. Reflection and Identity. By W. Michelle Harris and Michael Roman. 26 Feb. 2012. Community Folk Art Center, Syracuse, NY. Exhibit. ˜

2011 Submissions


Harris, W. Michelle. No Boundaries: New Expressions In African American Art. By Hiram Cray, et al. 4 Feb. 2011. Baobab Cultural Center, Rochester, NY. Exhibit. ∆

Published Review

Harris, W. Michelle. "Mary Flanagan, Critical Play: Radical Game Design." Rev. of Critical Play: Radical Game Design, by Mary Flanagan. American Journal of Play Sep. 2011: 261-263. Print. ∆

2010 Submissions


Harris, W. Michelle. Her Ghosts, Mirrors and Pixels. Four Walls Gallery, Rochester, NY. 5 February-5 March 2010. Exhibition.

Handy, Andrea, W. Michelle Harris, and Xanthe Matychak. RiviƩre Memoir. World Maker Faire New York 2010. New York, NY. 25-26 September 2010. Exhibition.

Suarez, Juanita and ensemble. Be Here Now. Musselman Arts Triathlon, Smith Opera House. Geneva, NY. 16 July 2010. Exhibition.