Contact information for your colleagues may be found on one of RIT's Directories.

If your name does not appear below and you are a new faculty for the 2015-2016 Academic Year OR if you see an error, email


College of Applied Science & Technology (CAST)

  • Gregg Guarino, Lecturer
  • Jerrie (Yu-Chin) Hsieh, Associate Professor 
  • Daniel Kaputa, Assistant Professor


College of Health Sciences & Technology (CHST)

  • Barbara Lohse, Professor
  • Angelina Maia, Lecturer


College of Imaging Arts & Sciences (CIAS) 

  • Mari Blanchard, Assistant
  • Gregory D'Amico, Associate Professor
  • Mary Golden, Assistant Professor
  • Ihab Mardini, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Joshua Meltzer, Assistant Professor
  • Alejandro Perez Sanchez, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Robert Rose, Assistant Professor
  • Steve Viggiano, Assistant Professor
  • Melissa Warp, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Catherine Zuromskis, Assistant Professor


College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

  • Charles Baldwin, Associate Professor
  • Benjamin Banta, Assistant Professor
  • Stephanie Godleski, Assistant Professor
  • Erinn Ryen, Visiting Assistant Professor 
  • Barry Strauber, Visiting Lecturer
  • Eileen Vo, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Ye Wang, Lecturer
  • Kristoffer Whitney, Assistant Professor 
  • Josephine Wolff, Assistant Professor


College of Science (COS)

  • Michael Bennett, Visiting Lecturer
  • Matthew Chasse, Visiting Lecturer
  • Aditya Gunja, Visiting Lecturer
  • Jonathan Holland, Visiting Lecturer
  • Christopher Kanan, Assistant Professor
  • Jeyhan Kartaltepe, Assistant Professor 
  • Premlata Kumar, Visiting Lecturer
  • Kyung-Taek Lim, Lecturer
  • Carmody, McCalley, Assistant Professor
  • Michael Murdoch, Assistant Professor
  • Beth VanWinkle, Lecturer
  • Billy Vazquez, Lecturer
  • Earl Wood, Lecturer
  • Qing Yang, Lecturer
  • Michael Zemcov, Assistant Professor 


Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences (GCCIS)

  • Jayalaxmi Chakravarthy, Visiting Lecturer
  • Erik Golen, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Jeff Jockel, Lecturer
  • Scott Johnson, Lecturer
  • Rui Li, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Charles Roberts, Assistant Professor
  • Carlos Rivero, Assistant Professor
  • Naveen Sharma, Professor
  • Charles Roberts, Assistant Professor
  • Chaim Sanders, Lecturer


Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS)

  • Nana-Yaw Andoh, Assistant Professor
  • Giovanna Potesta, Assistant Professor


Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE)

  • Ronald Aman, Assistant Professor
  • Alfonso Fuentes-Aznar, Associate Professor
  • Parsian Katal Mohseni, Assistant Professor
  • Pangiotis Markopoulos, Assistant Professor


National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)

  • Pamela Berkeley, Assistant Professor
  • Shannon Connell, Lecturer
  • Robyn Dean, Lecturer
  • Matthew Dye, Assistant Professor
  • Erin Finton, Lecturer
  • Laural Hartman, Lecturer
  • Lisa Johnston, Lecturer
  • Viet Q. Le, Assistant Professor
  • Daniel Maffia, Lecturer
  • Rachel Mazique, Lecturer
  • Melissa Skyer, Lecturer
  • Tyler Swob, Lecturer
  • Jessica Trussell, Assistant Professor
  • Aimee Whyte, Lecturer


Saunders College of Business (SBC)

  • Quang Bui, Assistant Professor
  • Zhijian Huang, Assistant Professor
  • Molly McGowan, Lecturer
  • Bryan Reinicke, Associate Professor
  • William Stromeyer. Lecturer
  • Li Wang, Lecturer


School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SOIS) (formerly CMS)

  • Kathryn Bush, Lecturer



Everything was useful. It was great to meet people from RIT's other colleges.

Thanks for orientation, It was very helpful.

I really appreciate even the brief time I get to meet with and talk to the new faculty from the college I work with. Overall, I'd say that the NFO was a job well done.

Fantastic welcoming event for our new faculty!

Excellent event: very well organized.

New Faculty Orientation is one of the most informative, well-run and entertaining orientations I’ve ever participated in.