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Darrin MartinAssociate Professor, Department of ArtUniversity of California, Davis(Co-...
Thursday, September 11th3:30-5 pm, Carlson Auditorium (76-1125)Wade Robison (Philosophy,...

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Aug 19
It's Freshman Move-In Day! Even @RITPresident gets in on the excitement of moving new students into their dorms. #RIT
Aug 11
Life is about creating yourself. Become who you want to be by working on it everyday! #motivationalmonday #RIT
Jul 14
Thank you to our awesome Donors! We are grateful for your contribution. (Also, how amazing is 8 Beat Measure?) #RIT
Jul 10
A quiet Quarter Mile. We'll admit it: we're missing our students (and faculty)! #RIT
Jul 1
One third of all cancers are sun related. So be sure to put on your sunscreen! #TriviaTuesday