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October 231829 Room11-12:30 pmBarbara PhillipsRawlco Scholar in Advertising and Professor...
Come Experience a little “taste” of Brazil and try a Portuguese mini-lesson.Where :...

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Join us & @RITGolisanoCCIS for the Distinguished Computational Linguistics Lecture on 10/23 from 12:30-1:45pm in Golisano Auditorium.
COLA Halloween Cupcake Contest this Friday 10/24 from 7-10pm. We'll be in SAU Alumni Room 1500 with FREE CUPCAKES!
Oct 21
Another tip from @ASCatRIT Instead of highlighting your text, take notes. It helps you get more out of your readings.
Oct 21
It doesn't matter your major, Liberal Arts is preparing you to be the best whatever-you-want-to-be that you can be!
Oct 21
@JanineMRowe Sure! It's 10/30 from 3-5pm in Stan McKenzie Commons. Faculty from CLA majors will be there to talk about program options.