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Under the direction of Dean Davis, the RIT Concert Band presents an enjoyable afternoon...
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#MeetYourPeerMentor Alyssa Jackson, Journalism major from @RIT_SOC! She's Editor-in-Chief of @reportermag, too! #RIT
Nov 18
Be active in your learning and you’ll find it’s become engrained in your memory! #AcademicSuccess #COLAandASC
Nov 18
Enjoy today "Bastava una notte" in the Webb Auditorium at 7:30pm. This film is part of the Italian Cinema in the Millennium Series.
Nov 17
Thanksgridiorn Face-Off 11/21-22 at 10:30pm. Two teams clash in a throw down of improv in @gevatheatre. Go & enjoy!
Nov 17
Give it your best and you will get the best out of the world. #MotivationalMondays