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Full natural language understanding requires comprehending not onlythe content or meaning...
Would you notice a person in a gorilla suit if he walked into your classroom for 9...

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RT @RITmuse: Research Kate Gleason 4 exhibit @RIT_COLA #museumstudies Bank note/pouch img f/ #Suffragette http://t.c…
Excited to meet our prospective students today! We'll be in the SAU Davis Room answering questions at 1pm for anyone who wants to stop by.
Oct 9
RT @Devvyy1: @RITNEWS Initiative for women of color launches USEED campaign at RIT! #WOCHA #rit #diversity
Oct 8
RT @RITmuse: .@RIT_COLA #museumstudies stu participated in crowdsourcing transcription. Yay! Learn more abt it here #citscichat
Oct 8
RT @RITmuse: This is how we roll #museumstudies @RIT_COLA: & site visits to @SusanBHouse @SenecaParkZoo & NY Transportation 2/2 http://t.c…