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Department of Philosophy

Last updated 13 March 2015

  • Call for Papers: 6th RIT Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy to be held 8 May. See the Events link at the left.

The Department of Philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology offers a large variety of undergraduate philosophy courses plus graduate courses in Philosophy of Art/Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind, and the Philosophy of Vision and Imaging. Beyond our introductory level courses, students may take philosophy as General Education electives or as part of a 3-course immersion, a Minor in Philosophy, or a Major in Philosophy. The Department also develops an annual program of speakers, symposia, and conferences.

The Philosophy Department is motivated by a dedication to excellence in teaching. Most of our faculty have received teaching awards, and many of our faculty have received multiple teaching awards. The Eisenhart Award for Outstanding Teaching is RIT’s highest tribute to successful pedagogy, and the Department of Philosophy is home to eight of these awards:

John T. Sanders (1979-1980)
James I. Campbell (1991-1992)
Timothy Engström (1993-1994)
Dane R. Gordon (1996-1997)
James I. Campbell (1999-2000)
John T. Sanders (2000-2001)
David B. Suits (2002-2003)
Timothy Engström (2007-2008
Katie Terezakis (2014-2015)

The Philosophy Department is also motivated by a strong commitment to scholarship, as evidenced by the scholarly activities of the individual members of the Department, by the Department’s speaker series and colloquia, and by the scholarship awards which have been won. Each year Paul A. and Francena L. Miller Fellowships are awarded to assist faculty in the College of Liberal Arts in the pursuit of their scholarly and professional projects. The Department of Philosophy has been the home of eight of those prestigious Fellowships:

Timothy Engström (2002-2003)
Brian Schroeder (2003-2004)
John Capps (2005-2006)
Evan Selinger (2007-2008)
Katie Terezakis (2009-2010)
Jesús Aguilar (2009-2010)
John T. Sanders (2012-2013)
Brian Schroeder (2013-2014)
Lawrence Torcello (2014-2015)
Jesús Aguilar (2015-2016)

Some of the recent accomplishments of the faculty include:

  • Dane Gordon and David B. Suits (eds), Epictetus: His Continuing Influence and Contemporary Relevance (RIT Press, 2014).
  • Evelyn Brister (with Elizabeth Hane), “Diversification of Land Management Goals and Strategies in Response to Climate Change”, Ethics, Policy, and Environment, 2013.

Ongoing faculty editing activities: