Expressive Communication Center

At the ECC, students shape their lives, professions, and society by developing their ability to express themselves clearly, confidently, and eloquently through public presentations and with groups and teams.

Need help with your presentation? We can help! In-person, virtual, and small group appointments are available. The ECC is located in Wallace Library, Suite A600.

Overview & Importance

Industry workforce reports, university alumni surveys, and academic studies have long stressed the importance of strong communication abilities in order for all college graduates to excel. Research consistently shows that communication apprehension and hesitancy to communicate undermine academic and professional performance. Better communicators are better students: more articulate, more confident students have higher scores on graduate entrance exams, higher GPAs, more positive attitudes toward education, and better college retention rates.

The center uses the consulting-training model combining: 1) communication faculty and trained tutors who help students prepare and rehearse for oral communication activities with, 2) expert communication faculty who work one-on-one with course instructors from all disciplines. These activities provide real and lasting benefits to students in oral, interpersonal, group, and visual communication competency improvement.

In sum, the ECC offers an engaged active learning environment where students receive training and have opportunities for feedback-based practice from expert tutors.

For Students

At the Expressive Communication Center, students meet with peer consultants for help with all phases of presentation preparation and delivery, including but not limited to:

So you have to give a speech — now what? Deciding what you want to talk about is the first step. Our peer consultants are trained to help you decide on an idea that you’re passionate about and that will speak to a larger audience. Ultimately, we want to help you find your voice! A presentation is always better when you care what you’re talking about, so we’re here to help narrow down that focus.

Preparing an outline can be a daunting aspect of a presentation, but it’s something we can help you embrace! Our goal is to help you design an outline for any kind of presentation or speech that works best for your speaking style. You’ll likely end up with two different outlines — one for organizing the speech, and the second for delivery purposes. We want to find the method that works best for you!

Oftentimes, it’s helpful to back up what you’re saying with a visual aid — we can help with that! The goal is to create something that supports what you’re talking about without distracting your audience. From the content to the color scheme, our peer consultants will help you create material that strengthens your topic

To some, the delivery is the most exciting step of a presentation, but to others, it's the scariest. No matter your comfort level, we’re here to help. Our peer consultants will look at every aspect of the deliverable: your tone, your speed, your movements, everything! We know that it’s tempting to just “wing” a presentation, but it can be really helpful to practice ahead of time. We provide a judgement-free zone to help you get your point across in the best way possible.

We fully understand how nerve wracking it can be to speak in front of your peers and professors, but we also know how rewarding it can be! We want to work with you through every step of the process. Even if you already have your presentation written, the next step is to make you comfortable speaking. The ultimate goal is to make you confident.

In-person, virtual, and small group appointments available

  • In-person appointments. Arrive at Wallace Library, suite A600 at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Virtual individual appointments. To join a virtual appointment, shortly before your appointment time, log in and click on your appointment in the scheduling system, and then select the red 'start or join online consultation' link.
  • Small group appointments. In-person small group appointments will take place in Wallace Library, suite A600. Small groups may also schedule virtual appointments. To do this, have one group member make the appointment. On the appointment intake form, they must select the "group" option and provide the emails of the other group members. A Zoom meeting join link will be emailed to the group members.

Walk-In Hours for Spring 2022

We have a limited number of walk-in hours that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each available walk-in slot opens fifteen minutes before its start and remains open until it fills or the time passes. This allows you to make appointments as you arrive or when you're ready to start your meeting.

*If you require interpreting services, please make interpreting requests through Access Services. We also have an ASL fluent consultant, DJ Majocha, on staff for spring 2022.

For Faculty

Faculty from any discipline may request customized oral communication support for their courses. If you include speaking assignments in your courses—such as speeches, presentations, group presentations, debates, discussions, and oral exams—the ECC director is available to work with you on devising those assignments and their associated grading.

Faculty can require or recommend that students visit the ECC, either for a specific assignment, or for general support.

For questions related to writing the ECC into grants or incorporating the ECC into research, please contact Director of the School of Communication, Dr. Tracy Worrell.

Meet Our Consultants

The Expressive Communication Center is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students from various majors across RIT. Consultants are trained to work with students from all backgrounds, with some able to assist in languages other than English, including ASL.

Please review the profiles below to identify the consultant best suited to help you as you prepare your presentation.

Myren Bobryk-Ozaki PortraitMyren Bobryk-Ozaki is a third year Communications major. They are the Honors COLA Representative and work with other students and faculty on a daily basis. They can be found doing other leadership and volunteer positions around campus throughout the semester. They are conversational in ASL, can work with interpreters, and are hard of hearing themselves. Myren is particularly skilled at creating and developing the drafts of speeches. Come and make an appointment with Myren for your upcoming project!

Marie Fraser PortraitMarie Fraser is a second year Physician Assistant BS/MS student with a minor in Psychology. She plays on the varsity volleyball team. She likes yoga, card games, and baking. If you want assistance on how to deal with public speaking anxiety, book an appointment with Marie.

Caleb Green PortraitCaleb Green is in his third year of his School Psychology MS graduate program. He is currently working at his internship at Penfield CSD and helping elementary students succeed both academically and behaviorally while providing any necessary support needed. Through this MS program I have become fluent in communication skills and consulting/collaborating to help think through your presentations and delivery. Come stop down to the ECC for walk-in appointments!

Gabby Garcia PortraitGabby Garcia is a third year Industrial Design major with a triple minor in Communication, Supply Chain Management, and Philosophy. She is part of the RIT Steel Band Ensemble and loves hockey. Gabby’s strength is helping student-clients brainstorm ideas and with their delivery skills; if you have a big (or small!) presentation coming up, visit Gabby at the ECC!



Kyle James portraitKyle James is a third-year Game Design and Development major with a minor in Exercise Science and immersion in Communications. He is an Interactive Games and Media (IGM) ambassador and officiates intramural soccer and basketball. In addition, he enjoys going to the gym, playing video games, and traveling. If you need assistance with your speeches, be sure to schedule an appointment with Kyle!

Mikayla MacIntyre portraitMikayla MacIntyre is a second year Applied Statistics and Actuarial Science student with a minor in Communication. She is a member of club Theme Park Enthusiasts and is also a TA for General Biology II. Over the past year, Mikayla has discovered her love of public speaking and is determined to show others that it isn’t something to be scared of. She enjoys helping others create passionate and interesting speeches through positive feedback. To make sure your next speech is the best it can be, book with Mikayla today!

Darrin 'DJ' Majocha portraitDarrin “DJ” Majocha is a fifth-year Communication major with a dual minor in Business Administration and ASL & Deaf Cultural Studies. He is a child of a deaf adult (CODA) and communicates fluently in English and American Sign Language. DJ is a Resident Advisor with the Center for Residence Life on campus. He plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitively and is a video game enthusiast. DJ is a Twitch and Discord moderator for several Twitch streamers and engages their respective communities by facilitating community events, creating fun Twitch commands, and educating users about intercultural cultivation. If you ever need support on your upcoming projects and/or presentations, come see DJ at the ECC!

Ray McDonald PortraitAmasha(RAY) McDonald is a second year Communication major. She is a member of the Student Advisory Board serving as the Communication Representative. As a Freshman she earned the title “Rookie of the Year” in the School of Communication for her outstanding academic achievements. Ray has a natural passion for speaking and writing. She was honored to be asked to share her public speaking class speech at the Martin Luther King Legacy Program last Spring. She is skilled at helping you have a strong and confident delivery, as well as finding and championing your creative and unique voice. With Ray you are bound to get an A!

Emily McIndoe PortraitEmily McIndoe is a Master’s of Communication graduate student. She has worked as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Communication teaching public speaking and has worked at the Expressive Communication Center since its opening in 2019. Emily is passionate about public speaking after many years of dreading it. She is skilled at helping you manage your apprehension to have a strong and confident delivery. No matter what step you are at in your speech or presentation, Emily can help you reach your goals.

Shannon McPhee PortraitShannon McPhee is a fourth year Advertising and Public Relations major with an immersion in Psychology. She is a member of Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society, the winner of the ECC’s Spring 2020 Institute Public Speaking Contest, and serves on the COLA Student Advisory Board representing the Advertising and Public Relations program. She is skilled at preparing and organizing speech outlines, as well as creating the perfect multimedia to catch your audience’s eye. Shannon is currently working in a Co-Op position at the ECC, and takes walk-ins and appointments scheduled by request.


Namrata Nagar PortraitNamrata Nagar is a Communication MS graduate student with her thesis on Artificial Intelligence and Communication. A logophile and a language enthusiast, she is fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati and is on her way to learning Sanskrit and French. Namrata enjoys working with ESL (English as Second Language) students and 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) presenters. She has worked as a marketing and tech professional with companies of all sizes before coming to the US. Currently, She is assisting a SoC professor in their research and supporting RIT students in developing captivating presentations at ECC. Need some support for your research communication or upcoming speech delivery? Just walk-in to her ECC office in the Wallace library building or just zoom in!

Jillian Walton portraitJillian Walton is a Communication MS student. She has worked as a consultant/co-op for the Expressive Communication Center since 2019. She also previously worked as an adjunct professor in public speaking for the School of Communication. She is skilled at helping students every step of the way in the public speaking process. Her expertise is in helping reduce public speaking stress, and she is ready to help you become a better public speaker today! Jillian is currently taking walk-ins and appointments scheduled by request.



Jenna Warren PortraitJenna Warren is a second year Communication and Museum Studies double major. She is a student writer for University Communications, and she enjoys reading and playing video games. She has discovered a new enjoyment of public speaking this past year, and if you would like help with any step in your speech or presentation journey, come see Jenna at the ECC!





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