Peer Navigators

Peer Navigators are current students enrolled in College of Liberal Arts majors whose experience and perspectives can help you make connections. 

Whether you need help filling out an academic form, a friend to study with, or someone to simply chat with over a cup of coffee, Peer Navigators are a resource for other students in our College of Liberal Arts community. They work out of the Office of Student Services and are available for 1-1 appointments most days and times, Monday through Friday.

a photo of Sabrina outdoors

The family environment that Liberal Arts provides is absolutely amazing. Everyone within the college tries to get involved with their students as best they can and will never turn you away. The events this college provides always go above and beyond anything you would expect, always so fun and welcoming with photo opportunities! The Psychology department does a great job of staying in contact with their students and offering support with coffee hours every few weeks!

Sabrina Scoccia

Major: Psychology BS
Hometown: Hilton, NY

What I enjoy the most so far at RIT has to be the faculty. Coming to an engineering school made me think that I may not be prioritized; however, I was very much mistaken. The faculty have been so inviting and made me feel comfortable in a situation I was initially terrified of. The faculty at RIT are passionate and very encouraging in your academic experience and care for each student. They want what’s best for you and will help in whatever capacity they can to help you to accomplish your goals. 


Dilan Jacob

Major: Economics BS major with immersion in international relations; 3+3 BS/JD Accelerated Law Program
Hometown: Paramus, New Jersey
Campus Activities: Pre-law Society, Economics Club, College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Board, Mock Trial Association, Intramural Basketball


a photo of Lucy outside on the RIT campus

The faculty and staff at RIT go above and beyond for their students. The unique opportunities for research and exploration available for each program and each student in Liberal Arts are unlike anything else I’ve heard of. Here, if you take the time to reach out and make connections, you will find yourself with an incredible support system who will do everything to help you find your path within the college and beyond.

Lucy Ray

Major(s): and Psychology BS and Medical Illustration BFA
Hometown: Rochester, NY