Peer Navigators

Portrait of Sojo Coles

My favorite academic experiences are related to the political science department and the events they host. The two best events were most definitely a talk between Dr. Cornel West, a prominent liberal intellectual, and Dr. Robert George, a conservative scholar, and another we call “AP Day.” I love events that are fun and educational.

Sojourner "Sojo" Coles

Major: Political Science
Minor/Immersion: Business Administration, Criminal Justice
Hometown: New York City
Campus InvolvementHEOP, MCAS, Organization of African Students

Portrait of Javy Garcia

One of my favorite experiences was an assignment where I would have to speak in front of the whole class. This may seem very ordinary, but the way in which my professor framed the project, he made it seem more like an opportunity to improve my presentation skills in front of peers, as it may be something that is necessary in professional life.  Knowing that I would like to improve my communication skills, it changed my perception of an activity that seemed daunting, to an activity that would benefit me professionally.

Javy Garcia

Majors: International and Global Studies; Economics
Hometown: Manila, Philippines