Double Majors

You’re uniquely you. So make your education – yours.

Double majors are a way to customize your education to best reflect your interests, career goals, and your marketability after you graduate.

The future is multidisciplinary. The new economy is driving unprecedented changes in how we work and the types of jobs people will do. 

At RIT Liberal Arts, our degree programs have the flexibility to accommodate most double majors or minor options at RIT while still allowing you to graduate on time.

2 to 1 graphic
Two is always greater than one, especially when it comes to investing in your education

What is a double major?

A double major is a secondary bachelor's degree program printed on your diploma and transcript. 

You can select a double major as a freshman. You’ll pursue two complementary degrees and still graduate on time.

Double majors are just one of the ways you can infuse your humanities learning with tech and vice versa. Add STEM courses and a degree to your liberal arts studies, or broaden the scope of your liberal arts education with another liberal arts degree.

Why pursue a double major?

Pursuing a double major or minor allows you to gain an additional skill set that complements your primary degree program, better reflects your interests and educational goals, and makes you more marketable after you graduate.

Here are some examples:

  • Game Design + Applied Modern Language and Culture—Japanese
  • Human-Centered Computing + Sociology and Anthropology
  • Advertising and Public Relations + Marketing
  • Criminal justice + Psychology
  • Philosophy + Physics
  • Economics + Computer Science
  • International and Global Studies + Biomedical Sciences
  • Journalism + Political science

What would you combine? How would you make your education yours?

For help with these questions, we recommend you speak to one of our student services advisors. Please email us at Let us know what you’re thinking and what you’re interested in and passionate about, and we’ll help guide you.

Six Reasons Why an RIT Double Major Prepares You for Success

Career Choice and Marketability 
Gain practical skillsets while becoming well-rounded. Stand out!

Future-Proof Skills 
Professions of the future require abilities from multiple areas.

Meaningful Studies
Maximize your engagement and enjoyment by studying topics tailored to your interests.

Collaborate and Connect 
You’ll work with students from multiple academic backgrounds and diverse teams to connect problems and solutions, topics and methodologies, and people and practices.

Exceptional Value
Gain another area of expertise without added tuition or time-to-degree.

Leading and Change-Making
Regardless of industry, RIT Liberal Arts is the college for doers. Learn the leadership and change-making skills necessary to impact social good.