Student Advisory Board

The College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a team of students, representative of each degree department or program in the college, who work together to maintain and improve the satisfaction of liberal arts students regarding education and accessibility.

The SAB advocates for student issues within the College of Liberal Arts community; enhances student relationships with Student Government, the College and the University; and advises the Deans on student issues.

Head shot of Sinclaire Ogof
Sinclaire Ogof

Public Policy Representative

As the current chair for SAB, this group has given me the opportunity to grow in my leadership role while continuing to be an advocate for the College of Liberal Arts’ student body.

I chose Public Policy because after college I want to be an advocate for those who don't necessarily have a voice and make change throughout my community.

Head shot of Amasharay McDonald
Amasharay McDonald

Chair Pro-Tem
Communications Representative

What I like most about SAB is being a part of a community that seeks to make our student body one that feels heard and represented. It's WE, the Tigers!

I chose Communication as my Major because I love speaking and writing. I desired to take a deeper dive into what it means to be an effective, creative and professional communicator both on and off paper. After college, I'm looking forward to all the opportunities and possibilities of having a degree in Communication holds for me, specifically in the area of writing.

Head shot of Jay Hemby
Jay Hemby

Psychology Representative

For people of color, it is often very difficult to find therapists that will truly listen to our thoughts and concerns. It is also difficult to find therapists of color with a shared background and life experiences, a trait that can alleviate some patients’ anxiety and lets the therapist better empathize and understand patients in ways a white therapist could not. For that reason, I became a psychology major in hopes of eventually using my skills to help people of color that need support, help, and advice via therapy.

I joined the SAB because I wanted to get more involved in the RIT community as well as give students within the psychology program a person they can talk with to learn about what’s happening in COLA or suggest topics the board should discuss.

Head shot of Ana “Sophia” Williams
Ana “Sophia” Williams

Publicity Representative
Sociology/Anthropology Representative

My favorite part about SAB is that it allows people from different backgrounds and all walks of life to come together and share a common goal, which is to work with COLA students to improve their satisfaction regarding education and their college experience. It's so rewarding to be able to get involved in the RIT community and the greater Rochester community.

After I graduate, I want to gain research experience in the area of bio archaeology, medical anthropology, and transitional justice (I have a second major in Criminal Justice)! I also hope to attend graduate school to further my education. I would love to work in the field as a biological anthropologist and perhaps teach at the college level, making such information accessible for the D/HH community.

Head shot of Shannon McPhee
Shannon McPhee

Advertising Public Relations Representative

I chose to join the Student Advisory Board because I want to be an advocate on behalf of the Advertising and Public Relations program. We’re a pretty small group, but I want our voices to be heard. I’m passionate about the AD/PR program, and I chose it as my major because I love writing and designing creative projects. AD/PR allows me to strategically combine both of those areas in order to create fun and effective campaigns.

Head shot of Eileen Figueroa
Eileen Figueroa

Modern Languages and Cultures Representative

What I like about SAB is being able to work with different people to continue to strengthen and unify the COLA community.

I chose Applied Modern Language and Culture because I wanted to continue learning more about the Spanish language and also get involved with my roots as both my parents emigrated from Peru. Also, fun fact, Spanish is my first language!

Head shot of Hannah Hodge
Hannah Hodge

Criminal Justice Representative

I appreciate the fact the SAB throws beneficial events for the College of Liberal Arts students, like the resume reviews, to help them in their careers.

After college, I hope to work on interventions for human trafficking with possible global partnerships.

Head shot of Chiny Okonkwo
Chiny Okonkwo

Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Representative

I joined the College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Board very recently and have not gotten a chance to do much yet, but the thing I like the most about the SAB already is how welcoming and kind everyone is. I adore how each member is so passionate about providing great experiences for the people in the major they represent!

I honestly do not have a defined outlook of the future, but I hope I can work at an entertainment company and within digital media.

I chose to transfer to RIT and picked Digital Humanities and Social Sciences as a major simply because of how the major contains so much in one. I was undecided my first year of college, and could never commit to a major due to having too many interests. Digital Humanities and Social Sciences satisfies my interest in art/design, liberal arts, and learning about computer systems. I personally think that it is a perfect fit for me!

Head shot of NuMay Soibi-Harry
NuMay Soibi-Harry

Economics Representative

One of my favorite aspects of SAB is the opportunity to collaborate with others. We are better equipped to complete our responsibilities and assist our peers when we work closely as a team.

I decided to major in Economics because I am fascinated by human decision-making and how our choices affect our communities and environment. It also offers versatility and depth that enhances the kinds of decisions people make and I think this is invaluable to a wide variety of employers. After college I look forward to pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.

Head shot of Isabella Hofsdal
Isabella Hofsdal

International and Global Studies

I am honored to have the opportunity to support fellow students as a member of the COLA SAB!

After college, I intend on either going to graduate school for International Relations, or going straight into the workforce.

Head shot of Emma Eagen
Emma Eagen

International and Global Studies Representative

As a Student Advisory Board representative, I most enjoy the opportunity to do service projects in the Rochester community. After college, I am planning to pursue a medical degree with specific interest in pediatrics or women's health.

Head shot of Cayley Smith
Cayley Smith

Journalism Representative

Joining the College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Board is an amazing opportunity to meet my peers and like-minded people to make a difference on campus and in the community.

I chose to major in Journalism because of my love of writing and storytelling. After college, I hope to continue in the field of Journalism, truthfully telling other’s inspirational stories, and be a lifelong learner in my career.

Head shot of Vanessa Chiodo
Vanessa Chiodo

Museum Studies Representative

I like that the SAB is not just a great group of like-minded people who want to make a difference for Liberal Arts students and the college as a whole, but also that it's a tight-knit community that is always there to support and encourage you.

After graduation, I plan to attend law school with the hopes of pursuing a career in art law.

Head shot of James Jones
James Jones

Philosophy Representative

I chose the philosophy major because I would like to become an educator after college. Being able to teach young minds and expand their education will always be a consistent goal for me. When it comes to SAB, I truly admire how they aspire to bring together and give more representation to all COLA students.

Head shot of Kaitlin Sommer
Kaitlin Sommer

Political Science Representative

I like the team building aspect of SAB. Everyone there is ready to support each other and we all work together really well! My plans after college are to get involved in some disability rights activism, even though I'm not sure exactly what that'll look like just yet!