Student Advisory Board

The College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a team of students, representative of each degree department or program in the college, who work together to maintain and improve the satisfaction of liberal arts students regarding education and accessibility.

The SAB advocates for student issues within the College of Liberal Arts community; enhances student relationships with Student Government, the College and the University; and advises the Deans on student issues.

a photo of sydney
Sydney Arcuri

Museum Studies Representative

I joined SAB because I wanted to help uplift the College of Liberal Arts since I feel like we as a college are often overlooked in the broader sense of academics within the RIT community. COLA has a lot to offer, most of which I did not know was available until someone else within the college showed me my options.

After undergraduate school, I plan to take a year or two working for an accredited museum somewhere in the United States or abroad in the United Kingdom. After this gap, I want to pursue a higher education in Conservation or Imaging Science. My dream job would be to use spectral imaging to look at paper documents —especially medieval scrolls— to see if there is underlying information that might not be present to the human eye.


a photo of jordan
Jordan Cochenour

Criminal Justice Representative  

I joined the SAB because I wanted the opportunity to collaborate with others to create events that benefit the COLA students. 

After college I look forward to joining the law enforcement field in either the ATF or state police as a k9 handler in a narcotics or bomb division


a photo of peyton
Peyton D’Anthony

Modern Language and Cultures Representative

Hi! I am a Spanish and International and Global Studies major. I also have minors in Sociology and Anthropology, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I'm from Chautauqua, NY, and am very excited to be working with the other SAB members to help make COLA as great as it can be! 

a photo of theresa
Theresa Haas

Psychology Representative

I joined SAB because I wanted to get more involved in COLA and I want others to get more involved too. Being a part of SAB gives me a unique way to encourage my fellow students to be more involved on campus and it gives me the opportunity to make it more enjoyable for us all.

a photo of gabriella
Gabriella Licona

Communications Representative

As a Communications major, we’re always being told how important it is to use our voice to speak up, hear the needs of students alike, and bring change. That’s what we do here on SAB.

I plan to look for a career in social media marketing to expand an organization’s communication outreach; I also want to grow my personal business in designing bullet journals, planners, and organization sheets. Being in Communications helps me align my goals as a marketer, explores my creativity, and supports my advocacy in gender and culture.


a photo of chiny outdoors
Chiny Okonkwo

Humanities, Computing, and Design Representative

I joined the College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Board very recently and have not gotten a chance to do much yet, but the thing I like the most about the SAB already is how welcoming and kind everyone is. I adore how each member is so passionate about providing great experiences for the people in the major they represent!

I honestly do not have a defined outlook of the future, but I hope I can work at an entertainment company and within digital media.

I chose to transfer to RIT and picked Digital Humanities and Social Sciences as a major simply because of how the major contains so much in one. I was undecided my first year of college, and could never commit to a major due to having too many interests. Digital Humanities and Social Sciences satisfies my interest in art/design, liberal arts, and learning about computer systems. I personally think that it is a perfect fit for me!