Message from the Dean

James J. Winebrake

Dean College of Liberal Arts


Often students are confronted with the “either/or” choice between a small, residential liberal arts college and a large, comprehensive university. The College of Liberal Arts at RIT offers the best of both worlds. Our students receive the educational benefits of a small liberal arts college, such as small class sizes, personal attention from professors, and a tight-knit learning community. At the same time, students also enjoy the resources, diversity, and course variety that a large, comprehensive university like RIT has to offer. 

Our liberal arts programs in the social sciences, humanities, and performing arts have the unique advantage of being taught on a campus that is world-renowned for technical innovation, exposing students to cutting-edge technology and preparing them for the challenges of today’s highly technical world. In addition, every student in the College of Liberal Arts is expected to complete some form of experiential learning during their time at RIT. This learning could be in the form of a co-op or internship, research with one of our world-renowned faculty, engaged scholarship in a local community, or an international experience through faculty-led trips.

Graduates of the College of Liberal Arts leave with experience and skills highly sought after by top employers and graduate schools. Our students have been placed in some of the top companies and graduate schools in the country and are successfully building careers through the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 

This really is a great time to be in the liberal arts.

James J. Winebrake, Ph.D.

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James Winebrake
Dean College of Liberal Arts
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