Message from the Interim Dean

Kelly Norris Martin

Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts


Human-centered, tech-infused.
Welcome to the Liberal Arts for a digital age.

We live in an age dominated by the digital. Amazing new technologies are constantly emerging, rapidly changing the ways we work, think, learn, exchange information, and collaborate. From our workplaces and social institutions to our homes and communities, whether we see it or not, technology touches nearly every aspect of human life.  

We believe that’s why studying liberal arts disciplines at RIT—a technical university renowned for vision and innovation—is so distinctly valuable for our students. From our legal systems and economic, political, social structures to the ways we connect, share our stories, and form our most fundamental relationships, the liberal arts are at the very heart of what it means to be human—and being human today is inextricably tied to technology. 

The RIT approach to the study of liberal arts disciplines is tech-infused and human-centered, designed to equip grads with the skills and mindset to thrive. We teach students to openly examine problems from multiple perspectives, think deeply and critically, seek inspiration, imagine new possibilities, and build both the foundational expertise and the practical skills to effect positive change. 

Perhaps most importantly, this is a place where people care passionately about advancing the common good, advocating for those whose voices need amplification and innovating for equity and social justice. Our students, faculty and staff in the College of Liberal Arts come from diverse backgrounds with a range of expertise, and our small class sizes and 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio enable us to make meaningful connections for individualized support in pursuit of academic, career, and life goals. 

As you explore and engage with the College of Liberal Arts, I welcome you to our community of brave visionaries and invite you to think big and transform your ideas of “what if” into commitments of “I will.” 

Wishing you much success, 
Kelly Norris Martin, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts


Dean’s Office Contact Information

Kelly Norris Martin
Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Lauren Hall
Associate Dean
John Smithgall
Assistant Dean CLA
Israel Brown
Director of Financial Planning and College Ops
Kirsten Condry
Interim Associate Dean
Jennifer Ferrara
Administrative Assistant II
Sarah Contant
Operations Manager
Ting Zhang
Postdoctoral Associate
Kim Walters
Director of Marketing and Communication
Heather Roth
Assistant Director of Recruitment and Retention Outreach

College of Liberal Arts Strategic Bridge Plan

The result of a collaborative, community-engaged process, the 2024-25 College of Liberal Arts Strategic Bridge Plan provides a focused set of strategies and tactics aimed at continuing to move the college forward during its current transitional period.

College of Liberal Arts 2024-25 Strategic Bridge Plan (pdf document) >