The COLA SAB is a team of students, representative of each degree department or program in the college, who work together to maintain and improve the satisfaction of COLA students regarding education and accessibility. The SAB advocates for student issues within the COLA community; enhances student relationships with Student Government, the College and the Institute; and advises the COLA Deans on student issues.

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Emma Eagen
Representative for International and Global Studies
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Luke Rydelek
Co-Chair and Representative for Political Science
Mandy Cameron Headshot
Mandy Cameron
Chair Pro Tem and Representative for Museum Studies
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Emily McIndoe
Representative for Advertising and Public Relations
Young Mooney Headshot
Young Mooney
Co-Chair and Representative for Economics
Ebony Eli  Headshot
Ebony Eli
Secretary and Representative for Sociology and Anthropology

We are pleased to recognize our emeritus faculty for their service and dedication to the College of Liberal Arts and their contributions to the whole of RIT.  To contact anyone listed below, please reach out to the Office of Student Services at 585-475-2444 or

 Name    Department    Year Awarded    Title  
 Michael Vernarelli    Economics    2019    Professor Emeritus
 John Roche    English    2019    Professor Emeritus  
 Carl Atkins    Performing Arts and Visual Culture   2018    Professor Emeritus  
 David Suits    Philosophy    2017    Professor Emeritus  
 Peter Ferran    Performing Arts and Visual Culture   2015    Professor Emeritus  
 Ed Schell    Performing Arts and Visual Culture   2015    Professor Emeritus  
 Robert Paradowski    Science, Technology and Society    2015    Professor Emeritus  
 Roger Harnish    Psychology    2015    Professor Emeritus  
 Sandra Saari    English    2013    Professor Emeritus  
 Wilma Wierenga    Modern Languages and Cultures    2013    Professor Emeritus  
 Paul Grebinger    Sociology and Anthropology    2013    Professor Emeritus  
 John Murley    Political Science    2013    Professor Emeritus  
 Tom Hopkins    Economics    2012    Professor Emeritus; Dean Emeritus (SCB)   
 Mary Lynn Broe    English    2012    Professor Emeritus  
 Andrew Moore    Sociology and Anthropology    2011    Professor Emeritus; Dean Emeritus  
 Frank Annunziata    History    2011    Professor Emeritus  
 Stan McKenzie    English    2011    Professor Emeritus; Provost Emeritus  
 Janet Zandy    English    2011    Professor Emeritus  
 Murli Sinha    Sociology and Anthropology    2010    Professor Emeritus  
 Hy Young Lee    Economics    2010    Professor Emeritus  
 Ken Nelson    History    2010    Professor Emeritus  
 Anne Coon    English    2008    Professor Emeritus  
 Robert Brown    Political Science    2007    Professor Emeritus  
 Mark Price    English    2007    Professor Emeritus  
 Nabil Kaylani    Political Science    2007    Professor Emeritus  
 James Fleming    Political Science    2007    Professor Emeritus  
 Richard Chu    History    2007    Professor Emeritus  
 Marshall Smith    Social Work    2006    Professor Emeritus  
 James Troisi    History    2005    Professor Emeritus  
 Constantino Dumangane    Economics    2005    Professor Emeritus  
 Sam Abrams    English    2005    Professor Emeritus  
 William J. Daniels    Political Science    2004    Professor Emeritus; Dean Emeritus  
 Houghton Wetherald    Performing Arts and Visual Culture   2003    Professor Emeritus  
 Morton Isaacs    Psychology    2003    Professor Emeritus  
 Virginia Costenbader    Psychology  2003    Professor Emeritus 
 Mary Sullivan    English   2002   Professor Emeritus; Dean Emeritus 
 Helen Wadsworth    Social Work   2002   Professor Emeritus 
 Elaine Thiesmeyer   English   2001   Professor Emeritus 
 Art Berman   English   2001   Professor Emeritus 
 Louis Andolino   Political Science   2001   Professor Emeritus 
 Dane Gordon   Philosophy   2000   Professor Emeritus 
 Douglas Coffey   Performing Arts and Visual Culture   2000   Professor Emeritus 
 James Campbell   Philosophy   2000   Professor Emeritus 
 Charles Warren   Performing Arts and Visual Culture   1998   Professor Emeritus 
 Richard Lunt   History   1997   Professor Emeritus 
 Joanne Jacobs   Sociology and Anthropology   1997   Professor Emeritus 
 Norman Coombs   History   1997   Professor Emeritus 
 Margery Reading-Brown   Psychology   1996   Professor Emeritus 
 Elizabeth Croft   Criminal Justice   1996   Professor Emeritus 
 Sarah Collins   English   1996   Professor Emeritus 
 Janet Farnum   Psychology   1996   Professor Emeritus 
 William DeRitter   English   1995   Professor Emeritus 
 Louis Eltscher   History   1994   Professor Emeritus 
 Joseph Fitzpatrick   Psychology   1993   Professor Emeritus 
 Boris Mikolji   Sociology and Anthropology   1993   Professor Emeritus 
 Caroline Snyder   English; STS   1993   Professor Emeritus 
Thomas O'Brien   English   1993   Professor Emeritus 
 Hans Zandvoort   Performing Arts and Visual Culture   1992   Professor Emeritus 
Lakshmi Mani   English   1989   Professor Emeritus 
 Norris Shea   English   1987   Professor Emeritus 
 U.T. Summers   English   1985   Professor Emeritus 
 Julian Salisnjak   Economics   1981   Professor Emeritus 

While the College has done its best to verify that all the above is correct, please email if you find incorrect information regarding emeritus faculty.