Faculty and Staff Resources

Support, information, and helpful resources to help you navigate our organization and excel in your career at RIT’s College of Liberal Arts. You’ll find many of these resources within a shared Google drive that you can access anytime with your RIT login credentials.

Strategic Bridge Plan for the College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts Strategic Bridge Plan, the result of a collaborative, community-engaged process, provides a focused set of strategies and tactics aimed at continuing to move the college forward during its current transitional period.

College of Liberal Arts 2024-25 Strategic Bridge Plan (pdf document) >

Organizational Planning & Chart

Guidance for connecting with the right team member for support in your work. 

  • Dean’s Office and Office of Student Services organizational chart and listing of key roles and responsibilities for each team member.  Go to Google doc >
  • Coming soon! Department Chairs, Program Directors, and Staff Support. 
  • The RIT Organizational Chart (RIT login required)

Calendar for the College of Liberal Arts

Specific to the College of Liberal Arts, calendar, activity, and deadline reminders to note.

  • Coming soon! A full overview of cyclical activities and deadlines. 
  • Coming soon! College of Liberal Arts Outlook calendars you can subscribe to and add to your own personal calendar, choosing from the CLA calendars for: 
    • hiring 
    • budget 
    • evaluation 
    • commencement/graduation
    • funding applications 
    • Faculty leave applications
    • Award applications
    • Recruitment, Retention, Scholarly, and Community Building CLA events
    • course scheduling

Orientation for New CLA Employees

Training and “How To” Instructions

Using rit.edu/MyRit

A university-wide site with links to resources such as: 

  • start.rit.edu (for modifying your information, email, and contact info)
  • myinfo (paycheck, benefits, time off requests)
  • myCourses 
  • Kronos
  • SIS Student 
  • Plus, links to commonly sought information and forms regarding HR, IT, and more. 

    Go to rit.edu/MyRIT  >

How to update your RIT directory profile.

See instructions in this pdf document >

How to get your directory profile photo taken.

Directory photos are taken by the university Marketing and Communications Photography team on an ongoing basis. They maintain a portrait sitting schedule and periodically email RIT employees to invite them to sign up for their portraits by going to this scheduling site. Appointment slots fill up quickly and new slots are added and announced by email as needed. 

Advising Resources

Several of these resources are specific to the College of Liberal Arts, while others are resources that are available to the entire university. 

Curriculum Management

See the RIT webpage for curriculum management. Please collaborate with you unit chair and program director on any curricular proposals

Events & Events Planning

Events offered by the College of Liberal Arts and its departments are a crucial component of our success. They bring people together to share knowledge, network, and celebrate the innovative and impactful work of RIT’s College of Liberal Arts and its faculty, staff, and students. 

Planning an event? 

Questions about College of Liberal Arts Events? 

Contact Kerri Johnson, Events Manager, Dean's Office, College of Liberal Arts, 585-475-5484, kasadm@rit.edu.

Marketing and Communications

Promotional (Swag) Items

If promotional items (e.g. swag) need to be produced for an event or for your department, determine your budget source, budget line number, quantity needed, deadline by which item(s) need to be produced and on campus for distribution.

Contact The Hub to learn more about the types of promotional items that are available, their costs, and how long they take to produce.

Additional RIT-approved vendors are listed on the RIT Brand Portal. > Consult with your selected vendor to determine purchasing processes, required lead times for production, and production specifications.

If you’d like to use a vendor that is not on the approved list list, direct your vendor to Jessica Hishman in Procurement for information on how to apply for a license. Vendors MUST be approved prior to doing work for the University.

Designs for imprinted items must adhere to RIT branding guidelines and are subject to the review and approval of University Marketing and Communications prior to production. The process of creating a design and obtaining approval to produce can take up to two to four weeks depending on the complexity of the project and the workload volume of the team members. Careful planning well in advance will help to ensure your promotional item is ready in time for your event. 

If you have questions regarding producing and paying for promotional items, contact your immediate supervisor.

If you have questions regarding branding, please contact Kim Walters, marketing and communications director for the College of Liberal Arts.