Information for RIT Employees and Students

Information for Program Organizers

All programs or activities with minors must be registered with the Office of Youth Protection and Compliance with sufficient advance notice to meet requirements of this policy. This registration process is completed through the RIT Youth Protection Portal (YPP). All programs must be registered by the respective program organizer, a program representative, or the individual representing RIT in a non-RIT activity.

The Program Organizer is responsible for a program’s compliance with the Protection of Minors Policy, including but not limited to program registration, ensuring program staff complete required screening and understand their responsibilities for youth protection, ensuring there is appropriate supervision of minors throughout the program, and ensuring program staff understand their responsibility to report incidents or concerns. RIT’s Protection of Minors Policy defines “Program Organizer” as the Authorized Adult with overall supervisory responsibilities for a program involving Minors. The program organizer is the Authorized Adult who oversees the day-to-day program operations, which includes interacting with and supervising the Minors involved in the program.  Examples of program organizers include, among others, a camp director, a staff member coordinating a tutoring program, faculty or staff who bring a Minor to campus for the opportunity to intern, volunteer, or shadow outside of a structured program for Minors; or the faculty advisor of a student group sponsoring a youth-serving activity.

Full guidance for compliance with this policy, as well as the program registration system, can be found in the RIT Youth Protection Portal (YPP). RIT employees and students may access the YPP here using their RIT login credentials.

The guidance outlines the affirmative steps required of Program Organizers or RIT employees and students who are otherwise assisting with coordination of RIT-sponsored programs and events (whether on or off campus), third-party events and activities on campus, or are participating in third-party programs and activities with a connection to RIT, in order to safeguard and protect minors from harm while attending such programs, consistent with federal, state, and local statutes or regulations related to youth protection. These steps include registering the program, reporting all individuals working or volunteering for the program, collecting forms from minor participants, ensuring proper supervision of minors throughout the program, and reporting known or suspected abuse. This will ensure a high level of care and successful experiences for youth. The requirements outlined in this guidance vary by the type of activity.

This guidance does not apply to (1) single performances or events open to the general public not targeted toward children or (2) events that may be attended by minors who are accompanied by a parent/guardian. RIT expects parents or legal guardians to provide supervision over minors on campus at all times except when the minor is involved in a youth program or activity.

If you are ready to register a new activity involving minors, please email Cara Mulvaney at to schedule an introductory meeting to review the program registration process through the Youth Protection Portal (YPP). You may access the YPP here:

Questions? Email the Office of Youth Protection and Compliance: