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The K-12 University Center at Rochester Institute of Technology creates transformative opportunities for youth and educators in science, technology, engineering, art and math. Our mission is to inspire, engage and prepare the next generation of STEAM innovators, by fostering collaborations among the university and community to provide high-quality education and workforce development experiences that will shape the changemakers and problem-solvers of the future. This comes with a commitment to recognizing strength in differences, and remove barriers to access and support pathways to success.




Youth served by RIT K-12


Annual state and federal grant funds received to support precollege and workforce development programs


Youth at Camp Tiger before the pandemic. Camps are back for 2023!


Middle and high school students served by LPP and STEP

Campus Experiences

RIT's K-12 University Center annually hosts more than 2,000 youth on campus for interactive, nontraditional admissions experiences. Plan a customized on-campus visit for your school and/or youth organization. The goal is to create hands-on opportunities, provide early college exposure, and have youth engage with near peers and college students who they can relate to in order to nurture connection and belonging.

Summer camps return for 2024!​​​​​
Youth in third- through 12th-grades can spend the summer on RIT's campus through Camp Tiger and other various camp experiences. Programs include art and design, cybersecurity, robotics, sports and more. Visit the summer camps link to learn more and sign up for 2024 camp opportunities.

For more information about camps and/or other campus experiences, contact Aubrey Hillman at axhk12@rit.edu.

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