AEOP Apprenticeships and Fellowships

RIT's K-12 University Center facilitates Army Educational Outreach Program Internships and Fellowships in collaboration with U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers, and partner universities across the country. The U.S. Army-funded initiative annually serves more than 400 high school, undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral scientists and engineers at these locations. 

 About AEOP

AEOP offers youth and teachers with opportunities for meaningful science, technology, engineering and math experience; competitions; and paid hands-on internships alongside U.S. Army researchers. RIT is part of a consortium of organizations, led by Battelle Memorial Institute that is responsible for administering the comprehensive portfolio of STEM enrichment and workforce development opportunities on behalf of the U.S. Army. AEOP's vision is a diverse, agile and highly competent talent pool that is representative of the nation's demographics to strengthen the U.S. Army, Department of Defense and workforce. Please see this link for more information about AEOP, including a list of offerings and impact reports

 Internships, Fellowships and Career Development

AEOP Internships and Fellowships help participants gain skills and unique experiences needed today to prepare for STEM careers of tomorrow. Advance education and career opportunities by joining a team making scientific discoveries and inventing the technologies that support America's innovation goals. AEOP interns (high school and undergraduate students) and AEOP fellows (graduate and postdoctoral individuals) conduct real-world, U.S. Army-sponsored research alongside scientists and engineers in world-class facilities. AEOP Internships and Fellowships are hosted by laboratories throughout the country. There is no cost for participation, and interns and fellows earn an educational stipend.

 More Information

For more information about AEOP Internships and Fellowships, please contact or call (585) 475-4529.

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