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The RIT/NTID Outreach Consortium is committed to empowering deaf and hard-of-hearing middle and high school students through comprehensive workshops and programs. Our mission is to create an inclusive, interactive, and engaging learning environment that allows every student to grow academically, discover new interests, participate in unique extracurricular activities, and meet other deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

The Outreach Consortium offers programs, competitions, and workshops year-round that focus on:

Academic Development

Explore a diverse range of workshops designed to enhance the academic skills and abilities of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Workshops cover a broad spectrum, including communication strategies, career development, technology proficiency, and personal growth.

Hands-On Learning

Our innovative programs centered around hands-on learning; are coordinated by deaf and hard-of-hearing program directors; and are structured to ensure academic success, foster independence, and promote self-advocacy.

Communication Access

We are committed to providing deaf and hard-of-hearing students with access to their preferred communication modality through assistive technology, use of sign language and sign language interpreters, captioning services, and academic accommodations to create an impactful learning experience.

Community Building

Students enjoy a diverse selection of overnight summer programs that fosters a sense of community and belonging among deaf and hard-of-hearing students. We achieve this by prioritizing a community environment where students can learn and grow alongside their deaf and hard-of-hearing teachers and peers.

Through our workshops and programs, we empower deaf and hard-of-hearing students to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and become confident, self-reliant individuals who are well-prepared to succeed in both their academic and personal endeavors.

Programs and Competitions

A student working on a computer in a lab
Summer Program

Advanced Tech Careers

For deaf or hard-of-hearing students entering 10th, 11th, and 12th grade

Advanced Tech Careers is a week-long program for students interested in taking a deep dive into advanced technology and exploring a variety of high-tech careers.

Three students performing a science experiment
Summer Program

Explore Your Future™

For high school sophomores and juniors

EYF is a six-day career awareness program where students experience college life, enjoy hands-on activities and get a taste of real-world careers in the fields of business, computing, engineering, health sciences, science and art.

Businessman checking stock market data on tablet at night background
Summer Program

Financial Wizards

For deaf or hard-of-hearing students entering 10th, 11th, and 12th grade

Financial Wizards aims to enhance students financial literacy skills and provide an opportunity to explore various careers in finance and administration.

Two students working together in a science lab
Summer Program

Health Care Careers Exploration Program™

For students entering 10th, 11th or 12th grade who are interested in a career in the health care field

Learn about various careers in health care; enjoy field trips to area medical facilities; be a part of hands-on demonstrations in biology, exercise science, laboratory science, microbiology, nursing, and nutrition; become CPR certified; and more.

A girl building a computer
Summer Program


For students entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grade who are interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and math

Students will build a high-tech gadget, create 3D designs of products, conduct laboratory experiments, and more.

Young female holding a camera to her eye as she frames a photo

Digital Arts, Film, and Animation Competition™

For 9th – 12th grade students with an interest in art

Students can submit their original artwork to win a prize!

Male student holding a pencil, working on a math problem

Math Competition

For middle school students who are deaf or hard of hearing

Student teams compete in several rounds that test speed, accuracy, teamwork and other math skills.

Close-up photo of a young male's hand holding a pen

Spirit Writing Competition™

For 10th – 11th grade writers

Write about any topic you want for a chance to win a prize!

Two students discussing a project
Virtual, RIT/NTID

The Next Big Idea: High School™

For 9th – 12th grade students

Deaf and hard-of-hearing students compete to create an awesome product, business, service or type of technology that solves a problem or eliminates an existing challenge for potential consumers and/or users everywhere.

Close-up On Row of Gamer's Hands on a KeyBoard.jpgs, Actively Pushing Buttons, Playing MMO Games Online. Background is Lit with Neon Lights.
Virtual, RIT/NTID

Tiger Gaming League

For high school students who are deaf or hard of hearing

The Tiger Gaming League begins with a series of virtual individual and team competitions on a variety of platforms and games, leading up to a national competition in person at RIT/NTID.

Young male student conducting science experiment

Tiger Science Challenge

For middle school students who are deaf or hard of hearing

The Tiger Science Challenge is a series of challenges that will test your scientific knowledge, creativity, and hands-on skills in a variety of topics.

Two students looking at a computer screen

Virtual STEM Trivia Contest

For 9th – 12th grade students who are deaf or hard of hearing

The Virtual STEM Trivia Contest is a one-day event that will test your knowledge on a variety of STEM and pop culture topics.

A female demonstrates bookmaking techniques to a group of students

Career Exploration Series™

For 9th – 12th grade students

Each webinar in this monthly series focuses on a unique topic that relates to career options and includes a fun activity. Students also learn which college majors can lead to a career in their area of interest.

Student holding a robot he built himself
Various locations

Pre-Employment Transition Services week

For deaf and hard-of-hearing high school students

This free one-week virtual program offers qualified deaf and hard-of-hearing students an opportunity to gain experience and explore their career interests in STEM fields. Learn about different STEM fields, make new friends during social night, and receive free kits with cool tech and activities.

Equipment for snorkeling and action camera
San Diego, CA

Tiger Sharks

For deaf and hard of hearing middle and high school students

Tiger Sharks is an exciting hands-on ocean-life exploration and marine biology program for students with strong academic skills and an interest in STEM topics and marine biology. 

Outreach Consortium Staff

Charles McFadden
Senior Director Outreach Consortium
Erin Clegg
Associate Director, Internal Outreach and Special Projects
Roxann Richards
Associate Director, External Outreach and Special Projects
Eunyoung Doucet
Assistant Director for Outreach and Special Projects
Joshua Mora
Assistant Director for Outreach and Special Projects
Yvette Chirenje
Assistant Director for Outreach and Special Projects
Michele Steele
Senior Staff Assistant

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