K-12 Campus Visits

The K-12 office facilitates non-admissions campus visits. This visit is an enriching, customized experience for your students without the hassle of planning out the small details.

This fall, the K-12 University Center is excited to announce that we are able to provide virtual programming to our community partners and schools!

Each virtual experience will be tailored to your group’s needs. The date and time are up to you and each experience can be up to two hours long. We ask that you provide at least two weeks notice before your desired date to allow our team adequate time to organize an engaging experience for you.

Click here to contact us and set up your virtual campus visit today!

Each year, RIT's K-12 University Center hosts over 2,000 youth on campus. To make these visits happen, we frequently collaborate with RIT faculty, staff, and students who are interested in outreach. Students from schools and organizations within the Rochester community that visit are able to experience RIT firsthand and see what college is all about through hands on activities, campus tours, lunch in the dining hall and much more. Unfortunately due to COVID19 and the pandemic, we are unable to host large groups on campus until further notice because of the restrictions RIT has as well as schools and community groups. However, at this time, we are exploring ways to bring our programming to you! If you are interested, please email us at kidsoncampus@rit.edu and someone from our office will be in touch!

In the K-12 University Center, there are many opportunities for your students to extend their educational experience outside the classroom. By visiting RIT’s campus, even at a young age, students are given the opportunity to experience all that RIT has to offer. By going beyond the classroom and offering custom tailored visits, we provide opportunities for students in the Rochester community and beyond to learn about college and experience it at their level — all the while preparing them to become a future RIT Tiger!

Examples of visiting groups can include:

  • Any grade level, group, or club affiliated with a K-12 school
  • Girl or Boy Scout troop
  • Community organizations

What to consider when planning a virtual visit:

  1. Time frame: how long do you want your virtual experience to be? Typically these don't last more than 2 hours.
  2. Number of students: how many students will be participating online? Will we need multiple zoom rooms?
  3. Mode of Virtual Visit: will students be participating from home or all together in person from a classroom?
  4. Details and activities: do you want you students to experience or participate in something specific? If so, please give us at least 2 weeks notice.

Examples of campus visit experiences

RIT department partner: Our office can partner with a department on campus to customize your visit. An example of this is partnering with Women in Computing to do an activity on cybersecurity.

Hands-on STEAM activities: There are a number of hands-on STEAM activities to do virtually. This could include building a solar oven, creating a sustainable tower out of office materials, interactive college jeopardy and more! If you would like something specific to engineering or computing, let us know and we can do our best to accommodate you.

Toyota Production Systems Lab experience: Students work together on an assembly line to put together a project, such as skateboards, and then make decisions within constraints to increase efficiency. Check out more on this here!

Q&A with current RIT students: Our office can provide a few RIT students to answer your group’s questions about college classes, what it’s like to live in a dorm, and more.

Presentation on specific RIT initiatives: The K-12 University Center can provide information on specific RIT initiatives like Rochester City Scholars program, HEOP, Admissions, and more.


If you would like to set up a visit or have additional questions, contact
at kidsoncampus@rit.edu