K-12 Campus Visits

RIT K-12 facilitates non-admissions campus experiences for K-12 schools and youth organizations. 

  Plan a K-12 Campus Experience at RIT

Each year, the K-12 University Center at Rochester Institute of Technology hosts more than 2,000 youth for on-campus experiences. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for early college exposure, to have youth engage with near peers and college students who they can relate to in order to nurture a sense of connection and belonging, and to create hands-on experiences. We want young visitors to see a future for themselves in higher education. If they can see it, they can dream it and be it. 

The K-12 center regularly plans and facilitates campus experiences for K-12 schools, youth organizations and special interest groups. We seek to engage RIT students, faculty and staff in the visits whenever possible. Visits are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the group. Offerings may include a customized campus tour, hands-on activities on topics of interest, a panel of RIT students, engagement with a department or facility of interest, large group speakers, lunch in the dining hall and more. 

There are no costs for a customized campus experience arranged by RIT K-12, however groups are responsible for providing their own transportation and meals. In some cases when an intensive hands-on activity is planned, there may be an affiliated supply cost. When possible, the K-12 center leverages grant and donor funding to maximize opportunities for youth and ensure that RIT campus experiences can be available to all.   

  Get Started

Get started in planning your group's campus visit to RIT by emailing kidsoncampus@rit.edu. Please note that we can also arrange for virtual experiences and may be able to arrange for RIT to participate in your in-school event. Availability is limited to the Greater Rochester area. 

  Identify your Goal

The first step in planning your experience is understanding your goal for the day. Why are you choosing to bring your students to RIT? Is the goal general college exposure or are there other specific intentions for the visit? Is the visit intended to meet a specific requirement or your school or program? 

  Important Information

When contacting the K-12 center to initiate planning, please provide the name of your organization, size of your group, potential dates and time frame for the visit, your big-picture goal, ideas for the things you would like to do and any special needs. Someone from the K-12 center will contact you to confirm our availability and to move forward with planning. The development of your group's campus experience will be a collaborative process. Please do not assume that your experience is booked until it is officially confirmed by the K-12 office. 

  Your Responsibilities

As a reminder, transportation and meal costs are the responsibility of the visiting group, and groups are expected to bring an appropriate number of active chaperones. Chaperones will be responsible for classroom management during the experience and should plan to be active throughout. Youth and their parents/guardians will be required to complete an RIT release prior to the visit. A list of names of the attending youth and chaperones must also be provided.

   COVID-19 Mitigation Policies

Campus visitors must follow current guidelines and policies provided on the RIT Ready webpage. These may include mask and/or vaccine requirements, and may be dependent on the size of the group visiting campus and the duration of the visit. Changes to RIT policies can happen at any time. 

Kraig Farrell
Director, Kids on Campus