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The HUB Print and Postal Services exists to support the objectives of Rochester Institute of Technology. The HUB is dedicated to providing high quality printing and mailing services to its customers. We deliver these services at competitive prices by specific deadlines. We enhance the institutional image through quality work while employing a customer-oriented management style that strives for excellence.

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Featured Services

Apparel Decoration

  • Great for events, giveaways, celebrations or commemoratives
  • Screen printing, heat printing, embroidery, dye-sublimation
  • From 1 piece to 10,000+
  • Multi-position and multi-color
  • Inquiries and orders to:

Promotional Products

  • Swag, awards, recognition
  • Broad access to thousands of items
  • Simplify ordering process with no bidding requirement
  • We will work with your budget
  • Inquiries and orders to:

Concept Design
and File Prep

  • Full-time graphic designer on staff
  • Adherence to all RIT branding standards
  • Personalization, mail merge, multiple data points within documents
  • File review and pre-flight, including color correction

Kitting and Fulfillment

  • We'll put it together for you!
  • Hand assembly to your specs
  • Inserting/collating/hand-matching/hand folding/packaging

Print Services

 G7 Qualified in Color Space

Digital Printing

  • Up to 14.33 x 26 inches
  • 5th color availability
  • Spot clear toner
  • Variable data printing, personalization

Screen Printing

  • 10 station, 8 color automated press
  • 54" dryer
  • Competitive pricing

Offset Printing

  • 4 color offset press
  • Spot color printing
  • Waterless technology

Wide Format Printing

  • Up to 60" x 100'
  • Vinyl, paper, textured stocks, window clings, repositionable adhesive back
  • Mounting and laminating

Full Bindery and Finishing

  • Laminating up to 11" x 17" (w/ 1/2" clear border)
  • Cutting, Folding, Booklet making
  • Perfect binding/book binding
  • Scoring/perforating/creasing, Mounting
  • Gluing, padding, inserting, collating, hand assembly

Additional Services

Signs and Banners

Custom shape stickers and labels

Mail Services


Bulk Mailings

Bulk mailings are processed and sent out by the HUB. We insure the mailing is in compliance with applicable US Postal Service requirements so it moves smoothly through the USPS system.

All mailing lists are submitted to the HUB and we handle the required NCOA (National Change of Address) submission, as well as any sorting, bagging, tagging or other USPS requirements.

  • Mail lists can be submitted to the HUB in an excel spreadsheet
    • It is a best practice to eliminate any extraneous columns from your list before submitting it to the HUB.
    • Foreign addresses should be grouped together at the end of the list.
  • We will provide a PDF proof (or sampling in the case of large mailings) of the formatted mailing list to you before we physically address the pieces to be mailed.

The following steps will allow us to provide the most accurate and efficient handling of your bulk mailing:

  • 1st class mail will move through the postal service most quickly, but is the most expensive method.
    • Any non-deliverable mail is returned to sender.
    • There is no minimum quantity of pieces for mailings that are sent 1st class, and which are stamped or metered.
    • Any 1st class mailing that makes use of RIT's postal permit number must meet a minimum mailing requirement of 200 pieces.
    • Your list can be submitted and mailed in any order (alphabetical, zip code, random) and the delivery will not be affected.
    • 1st class mailings go through the HUB with the least handling, making them quicker to get out the door and reducing your cost for handling.
  • Non-profit mail will reduce the actual per piece cost substantially, but this is the most regulated method of mailing, is the slowest method to mail, requires more extensive handling by the HUB and is less timely.
    • All non-profit mailing lists have to be sorted according to specific zip code information and we cannot add or eliminate pieces once we have the list reviewed by the USPS.
    • Although we can split large mailings into smaller units, there is no option to further separate or send out a partial list once the mailing is in process.
    • The USPS will not return undeliverable pieces to sender.
    • These types of mailing can take 10 days or more to reach recipient. Please consider this when determining which class of mail you wish to use.
  • The HUB staff will be glad to source the proper packaging to insure your items arrive at their destinations safely. We have the sources and resources to handle this for you.
  • We will work with the USPS to be sure we are getting you the best possible rate.
  • The HUB will assemble, seal, address, affix postage and deliver to the USPS.
  • The HUB does not ship UPS or FedEx.

It is a best practice to use a window envelope when doing personalized mailings, whether it is a standard #10 envelope, a 9 x 12 flat envelope or another common size envelope. This is the most efficient way to send out personalized letters. Please check to make sure the recipient's entire address is visible in the envelope window.

The HUB has an automated inserting machine, and we can insert up to 6 individual pieces into a #10 letter envelope using this equipment. It is efficient and timely, but it does require the use of a window envelope if the material being inserted is personalized.

If you are sending a generic piece (letter, flyer, etc.), a closed face envelope is the best fit. Best practice is to let us know you will be doing a mailing, send us your mailing list so we can process it and print the addresses right on the face of the envelope using one of our digital envelope printers.This eliminates the need for us to print the envelope twice - once with the return address and marketing message, and then a second time for the address. Saves you money, too!

All mailing permits are maintained by the HUB. If, for some reason, a 3rd party will use the permits held by the HUB, the HUB must be notified prior to the permit being used. We are responsible to maintain adequate funds with the USPS; university mail will be delayed if there is not sufficient money in the account to cover the cost of postage.


Preparing Letter Mail

  1. Please ensure your envelope has a return address, including your department name.
  2. Address your envelope clearly and completely. Look up unknown zip codes here
  3. When using a window envelope, please check to make sure the complete address is visible in the window
  4. International mail requires country names to be written out completely in English.
    • Please separate these pieces from your other outgoing mail.
  5. A letter envelope will generally accommodate 5 sheets of folded 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
  6. If the envelope is overfilled and you cannot seal it, consider using a different size or type of envelope. We have an assortment of envelopes available and we are happy to help you make the best choice.

Any hard objects (keys, pens, etc.) should not be in a standard envelope. Please pack them in a well padded envelope or a well packaged box.

Keep materials grouped together, and label the stack as "all the same".

The address label should be placed so that the envelope flap is at the top of the mail piece. If this is not possible, then keep the flap on the right side of the envelope.

Please keep tape away from the area to the upper right of the label. That is considered our "postage area" and tape makes it difficult for the postage to stick to the mail piece.

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Mail Services



Location and Hours

HUB Print and Postal Services

Building 99 (FMS), northeast entrance

Mailing Address
125 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Campus Post Offices

A line of mailboxes on the side of a road, with a backdrop of tall grass

The Campus Post Office are conveniently located in . Student facing for incoming and outgoing letter mail and packages; open to the public. Select postal services available, as well as packaging, envelopes and drop off of pre-paid packages.

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The HUB Express is conveniently located within the Digital Den in Monroe Hall. Focused on student needs, we provide on-demand digital printing services, as well as posters, banners, custom gift items and a wide array of promotional goods. Walk up and small order services available to everyone.

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Mary Ellen Gauntlett
Director The HUB Print and Postal Operations
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Assistant Director
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Manager of Promotional Goods, Graphic Design and Brand Compliance
Christian Argentieri
Customer Service Team Lead
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