Political science studies the ways in which domestic governments and international relations address fundamental issues of power, justice, liberty, and order. The department teaches not only the mechanics and strategies of the political process, but also examines limitations on government authority, and responsibilities of citizens.This is examined through a broad curriculum surveying major domestic governmental functions (legislative, executive and judicial) as well as comparative analysis across countries and international relations.

The department offers a B.S. degree in Political Science. We also teach a variety of courses that can count toward fulfillment of the requirements for courses in the Perspectives or Immersions categories.  Our courses can be grouped for an Immersion in American Politics or International Relations, or as an optional five-course minor (American Politics, International Relations, or Political Science).

We invite students to study with us. Understanding “how things get done” and the complexity of politics are valuable lessons for any career students may choose after RIT.

Public Lectures in Spring Semester


"Politics of the Middle East "

Thomas Karako

Kenyon College

March 2014


"Legacy of Lincoln's Statemanship"

Allen Guelzo

Gettysburg College

April 2014

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