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Kucera International flew their Leica ALS60 LIDAR instrument. This sensor, pulsing at 1064 nm was flown over all sites in the same aircraft as the WASP sensor. The ALS60 is a descrete LIDAR system using a pulsed oscillating mirror configuration. This system has 8 bit of quantization in the intensity channel. It was flown looking at nadir, and had a nominal field of view of 20 degrees, except at theHemlock site, where high topology created a field of view of 12 degrees. This site also had a higher effective ground coverage, with 12 points per meter squared, in contrast to the other sites, which had coverage of 8 points per meter squared.

Sensor ALS60
Operator Kucera Intl
Sensor Type Lidar
Field of view / scan angle (deg) 20 (12 @ Hemlock)
Spectral band(s) 1
Spectral coverage (nm) 1064
Sensor format (linear / frame) Pulsed Oscillating Mirror
IFOV (mrad) -
Nominal operating altitude (ft AGL) 2,000
Effective GSD (cm) 15 (spot size), 8 pts/m2, (12 pts/m2 @ Hemlock)
Quantization (bits 8 (intensity)
Aircraft type / operator PA-31/Kucera
Center look angle for collect (deg) 0