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SpecTIR Hyperspectral Airborne Experiment 2012


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The ProSpecTIR VS system was flown by SpecTIR, LLC. The system is a hyperspectral pushbroom spectrometer with 356 bands, coving the 400 - 240 nm range. The sensor looked from nadir, and had a 24 degree field of view. It flew all sites, and covered the Avon ground truth site in both the morning and afternoon. The flight altitude and gain varied only over the Conesus lake site; the altitude was lowered and the gain increased to increase the image fidelity over water. The quantization of this system varies according to the spectral range, with the VNIR having quantization of 12 bits and the SWIR having quantization of 14 bits.

Project Report

Sensor ProSpecTIR VS
Operator SpecTIR
Sensor Type Pushbroom Spectrometer
Field of view / scan angle (deg) 24
Spectral band(s) 356
Spectral coverage (nm) 400 - 2450, 2.9 nm/band (VNIR); 8.5 nm/band (SWIR)
Sensor format (linear / frame) 320
IFOV (mrad) 1.3
Nominal operating altitude (ft AGL) 2,500 (1,500 @ Conesus)
Effective GSD (cm) 99 (59 @ Conesus)
Quantization (bits 12 (VNIR), 14 (SWIR)
Aircraft type / operator C-206/SpecTIR
Center look angle for collect (deg) 0