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SpecTIR Hyperspectral Airborne Experiment 2012


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Ground observations were collected over the course of the experiment in Avon at one location on site. The observation station, on loan from the Department of Energy, was an automated station with 6 sensors. The 6 sensors collected temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, broad spectrum solar irradiance, and broad spectrum thermal irradiance at 5 minute intervals from approximately 8 am local time until approximately 4 pm local time. The data was processed using the calibration constants for each instrument after the experiment. The irradiance thermal irradiance measurements required that the instrument casing temperature stabilize before accurate measurements could be taken, and as a result the thermal measurements are nonexistent for much of the morning. This information does exist as part of the spectral measurements taken during the experiment, but at 10 minute intervals.