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Staff Directory

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Interim Director

Maria Richart
Interim Director
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Senior Associate Directors

Kate Caliel
Sr. Associate Director for Student Services, Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Chemical Engineering (BS)
Materials Science and Engineering (MS)
Michelle Magee
Sr. Associate Director for Employer Relations, Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Computing Security (BS)
Computing Security (BS/MS)
Computing Security (MS)

Associate Directors

Jim Bondi
Associate Director, Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
3D Digital Design (BFA)
Illustration (BFA)
Computing and Information Sciences (Ph.D.)
Medical Illustration (BFA)
Medical Illustration (MFA)
Imaging Science (Ph.D.)
Gretchen Burruto
Associate Director for Social Media and Communications, Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Graphic Design (BFA)
Interior Design (BFA)
New Media Design (BFA)
Visual Communication Design (MFA)

Assistant Directors

Maureen Arquette
Assistant Director for Assessment, Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Architecture (M.Arch.)
Civil Engineering Technology (BS)
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
Environmental, Health and Safety Management (MS)
Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety (BS)
Facility Management (MS)
Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration (MS)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
Carolyn DeHority
Assistant Director for Career Counseling, Career Counselor
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Janine Rowe
Assistant Director for Careers and Disabilities, Career Counselor
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Kris Stehler
Assistant Director for Alumni Relations, Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Applied and Computational Mathematics (MS)
Applied Mathematics (BS)
Applied Statistics and Actuarial Science (BS)
Applied Statistics (MS)
Computational Mathematics (BS)
Computer Science (BS)
Mathematical Modeling (PhD)

Career Services Coordinators and Career Advisors

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Career Services Advisor
Supported programs
Computer Science (MS)
Game Design and Development (MS)
Data Science (MS)
Information Sciences and Technologies (MS)
Mindy Blake
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology (MS)
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology (Ph.D.)
Biochemistry (BS)
Bioinformatics (BS)
Bioinformatics (MS)
Biology (BS)
Biomedical Engineering (BS)
Biomedical Sciences (BS)
Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Chemistry (MS)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) (BS)
Environmental Science (BS)
Environmental Science (MS)
Health Systems Administration (MS)
Nutrition Management (BS)
Physician Assistant (BS/MS)
Physics (BS)
Sustainability (Ph.D.)
Sustainable Systems (MS)
Sarah Burke
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Mechanical Engineering (BS)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
Morgan Faas
Career Services Coordinator
Supported programs
Art Education (Visual Art-All Grades (MST)
Ceramics (BFA)
Ceramics (MFA)
Color Science (MS)
Color Science (PhD)
Film and Animation (BFA)
Film and Animation (MFA)
Fine Arts Studio (BFA)
Fine Arts Studio (MFA)
Furniture Design (BFA)
Furniture Design (MFA)
Glass (BFA)
Glass (MFA)
Imaging Science (BS)
Imaging Science (MS)
Metals and Jewelry Design (BFA)
Metals and Jewelry Design (MFA)
Motion Picture Science (BS)
Photographic and Imaging Arts (options in Advertising Photography, Fine Art Photography, Photojournalism, Visual Media) (BFA)
Photographic Sciences (options in Biomedical Photographic Communications, Imaging and Photographic Technology) (BS)
Julian Huenerfauth
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Accounting (MBA)
Accounting (MS)
Business Administration: Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing (BS)
Business Administration - Executive (MBA)
Business Administration - Traditional (MBA)
Computational Finance (MS)
Economics (BS)
Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ventures (MS)
Finance (BS)
Finance (MS)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (BS)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (MS)
Management Information Systems (BS)
Jill Jablonski
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Software Engineering (BS)
Software Engineering (MS)
Taylor Lincoln
Career Advisor
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Supported programs
Applied Arts and Sciences (BS)
International Business (BS)
International and Global Studies (BS)
Management (MS)
Professional Studies (MS)
Diedra Livingston
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Computer Engineering (BS)
Computer Engineering (MS)
Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
Lisa Monette
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Advertising and Public Relations (BS)
Applied Technical Leadership (BS)
Communication (BS)
Communication and Media Technology (MS)
Criminal Justice (BS)
Criminal Justice (MS)
Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (BS)
Experimental Psychology (MS)
Human Resource Development (MS)
Journalism (BS)
Marketing (BS)
Museum Studies (BS)
New Media Marketing (BS)
Philosophy (BS)
Political Science (BS)
Psychology (BS)
Public Policy (BS)
School Psychology (MS)
Science, Technology and Public Policy (MS)
Service Leadership and Innovation (MS)
Sociology and Anthropology (BS)
Shauna Newcomb
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Industrial Design (BFA)
Industrial Design (MFA)
Media Arts and Technology (BS)
Packaging Science (BS)
Packaging Science (MS)
Print Media (MS)
Maria Pagani Wiegand
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Electrical Engineering (BS)
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Microelectronic Engineering (BS)
Microelectronic Engineering (MS)
Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering (ME)
Microsystems Engineering (PhD)
Telecommunications Engineering Technology (MS)
Stephanie Ryan
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Computer Science (BS)
Computing and Information Technologies (BS)
Human-Centered Computing BS
Human-Computer Interaction MS
Networking and Systems Administration (MS)
New Media Interactive Development (BS)
Information Technology (BS)
Web and Mobile Computing (BS)
Annette Stewart
Career Services Coordinator
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Supported programs
Engineering Management (ME)
Game Design and Development (BS)
Industrial Engineering (BS)
Industrial Engineering (ME)
Industrial Engineering (MS)
Manufacturing Leadership (MS)
Product Development (MS)
Sustainable Engineering (ME)
Sustainable Engineering (MS)
Systems Engineering (ME)

Support Staff

Bridget Callari
Career Services Assistant
Wendy Hutchurson
Career Services Assistant
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Nicole Martinez-Anderson
Senior Career Services Assistant
Deborah Resch
Operations Coordinator
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Cathy Slocum
Senior Career Services Assistant
Mary Lynn Sturnick
Recruiting Coordinator