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Core Training immerses teachers in a hands-on, collaborative learning environment that challenges them to look at their classrooms in a new way. During Core Training, teachers take on the role of a student, engage in in-depth exploration of PLTW coursework, and gain invaluable experience to take back to their classrooms.

Core Training helps teachers build skills and confidence around activity-, project-, and problem-based (APB) learning; prepares educators to become facilitators and coaches; and empowers them to bring learning to life through their PLTW program.

After successful completion of Core Training, PLTW teachers receive access to their Professional Learning Community (PLC), course-specific student and classroom instructional resources, and Ongoing Training resources all through the myPLTW Learning Management System (LMS).  Core Training, together with Readiness Training and On Going Training are the three stages in the PLTW Professional Development model.

We had a great Summer Core Training program and were happy to host over 150 teachers, registered in 15 Project Lead The Way Core Training Classes!

The Summer 2019 Core Training schedule and registration information will be posted as soon as it is available from Project Lead The Way.




Can I attend Core Training if I am not currently at a PLTW school?

Through Project Lead The Way’s Open Professional Development option, you can. If you are interested in attending one of our Core Training classes, contact for access and permission to register. Please be aware that if you are paying for Core Training on your own, full payment is required prior to arriving at Core Training.

Can I leave Core Training early?

No. We do not authorize any teacher to leave Core Training early. Completion of the course includes attending each class through the last scheduled date, and submitting all work to an acceptable level.

Do I need to bring a laptop to Core Training?

Yes!  It is the school’s responsibility to provide their teachers attending Core Training with a laptop, that meets all PLTW specifications and has all of the course required software installed prior to arriving at Core Training.