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Core Training Important Information


Core Training focuses on building awareness and confidence related to STEM education; activity, project, and problem-based learning; the roles of the teacher and student as they relate to instruction; and course-specific STEM content. Core Training is a collaborative, in-person training experience facilitated by PLTW Master Teachers. 

After successful completion of Core Training, teachers receive access to the National PLTW Professional Learning Community (PLC), course-specific student and classroom instructional resources, and Ongoing Training resources all through the PLTW LMS. 

Together with Readiness Training, and Ongoing Training, Core Training completes the three phase PLTW professional development model.

2016 Summer Core Training Schedule and Costs

PLTW Session #3: July 11 – July 22

Engineering Program (2 weeks)
•    IED
•    POE
•    DE 
•    CIM
•    EDD

Gateway Program (5 days)
•    DM: July 11 – July 15
•    AR: July 18 – July 22
•    MD: July 18 – July 22

Computer Science Program (5 days)
•    ICS: July 18 – July 22

Launch Lead Teacher Training (3 days) 
•    July 11 – July 13 
•    July 14 – July 16

PLTW Session #4: July 25 – August 5

Engineering Program (2 weeks)
•    IED
•    CEA
•    ES

Gateway Program (3 days)
•    ME: August 1 – August 3
•    ST: August 4 – August 6

Computer Science Program (2 weeks)
•    CSP
•    CSA

2 Week Core Training Classes:
Tuition: $2325
Full Room and Board: $1095
Lunch Only: $125

5 Day Core Training Classes:
Tuition: $1090
Full Room and Board: $465
Lunch Only: $75

3 Day Core Training Classes:
Tuition: $700
Full Room and Board: $315
Lunch Only: $65

Software Installation:

Additional charge will be applied for software installaion, billiable to the individual teacher or the district.  Applicable only to teachers who arrive at Core Training without the necessary software installed on their laptop, as part of the required Readiness Training.


Authorization to Attend Form
Core Training Handbook

Laptop Preparation (attendees must complete these steps)


The Office of Information Security at RIT has outlined a number of guidelines that every computer must meet before being able to connect to the campus network. These guidelines protect both attendee computers and the RIT network from malicious software. Your computer must meet these requirements in order to use our network. Be aware that having network access is a requirement of all PLTW course curricula. If you do not attend to these requirements, you will not be able to use the computing resources that are necessary to complete your course.

Laptop Preparation

You must complete this process before you arrive at RIT. Also, please note that all software must be installed and tested prior to arriving.

  • Login to the laptop you will be bringing with you to the CTI.
  • Ensure that you have administrative rights to this laptop.
  • Click here to download the express utility and run.
  • The utility will run tests checking for system requirements required for PLTW Software. Should your computer not meet any of the system requirements, the utility will notify you of the necessary changes that must be completed.
  • If you fail any part of the requirements, please make the necessary changes and then run the utility again until you pass.
  • Upon successful completion of the utility, please copy and paste the report into the text box below and click the "Submit" button. Please ensure your name is included.

Questions? Please email or call (585) 496-4748.

Laptop Preparation Results

Laptop Requirements

Each teacher participating in training and teaching Project Lead The Way® courses is required to have a laptop computer for his/her use. Teachers must have Administrator rights on their computer. The teacher’s laptop must have wireless Internet in order to participate in the Core Training.

Please refer to the PLTW Computer and Tablet Specifications to ensure your computer will run correctly while at Core Training.