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RIT transportation services are not available when the University is officially closed due to a holiday (federal or Christmas/New Year’s week) or emergency closures due to inclement weather conditions. Please be aware that Regional Transportation Services (RTS) provides reduced services during all federal holidays. This may impact your commute if RIT is in session.

The RGRTA RTS Schedule Service provides useful information on all off-campus bus routes.

Spring 2015 On - Campus Shuttle Schedules

Park Point/Perkins


RIT Inn Schedule

Racquet Club Schedule


TE3 Saturday Night Shuttle to Downtown

Spring 2015 Public Bus Route Schedules

Route 24

Route 68

Rustic Village Service (Cheat Sheet)

2014 - 2015 Break and Intersession

Break Schedule

Intersession Schedule

Summer 2015

Sumer Schedule

Bus Route Maps

Below you will find maps for every bus route. The routes are denoted by red lines. Please note, the bus route maps are .kmz files, meaning they open in Google Earth. Alternatively, you can choose to view/download the routes as an image in .jpg format.

Colony (.kmz) / Colony (.jpg)

Park Point (.kmz) / Park Point (.jpg)

Perkins (.kmz) / Perkins (.jpg)

Province (.kmz) / Province (.jpg)

Racquet Club (.kmz) / Racquet Club (.jpg)

RIT Inn (.kmz) / RIT Inn (.jpg)