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RIT Student Personal Property Insurance

RIT strongly encourages all students to maintain insurance coverage for their personal possessions while attending school. RIT assumes no responsibility for losses to students' personal belongings.

RIT is pleased to offer Personal Property Insurance through AJ Gallagher (formerly CSI Insurance Agency, Inc.) The Student Personal Property Protection Plus® is underwritten by Allianz Insurance Company and offers several different limit and deductible options, providing you greater flexibility to select the type and amount of coverage that best serves your needs. All policyholders are automatically eligible to purchase ALL risk coverage for photography related equipment that is rented or borrowed for short term periods up to an additional $25,000 in value per occurrence.

The plans are available through:

AJ Gallagher (formerly CSI Insurance Agency, Inc.)
(888) 411-4911

Please click here to refer to the Student Personal Property Brochure for additional details and exclusions - also included are annual rates, additional general information about the program and an application form.