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RIT Inn & Conference Center

The RIT Inn & Conference Center offers upperclass students a premium living experience and combines hotel amenities with student living accommodations.

Summer housing is not available at the RIT Inn.

Floor Plan, Dimensions, and Occupancy Requirement

Double room


12' x 18'

Occupancy Requirement


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  • Furnished and carpeted rooms
  • Private bath and shower
  • In-room-controlled air and heat
  • Television and free standard cable
  • Free high-speed Ethernet connections for each student
  • Free local telephone service
  • Two common lounges on the 4th floor with kitchenettes
  • Free on-site laundry facility
  • Free, express shuttle service to campus
  • Reserved parking pass to lot of choice upon availability
  • Flexible dining plans
  • Café dining and gourmet coffee shop
  • Fine dining available in Charades Restaurant
  • Indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, whirlpool, fitness center, and business center
  • Conveniently located within miles from the Greater Rochester International Airport
  • Free light housekeeping service bi-weekly
  • Smoke-free environment
  • RIT students located in the Court and West Towers, separate from hotel guests in the North Tower
  • Click here to view a tour of the RIT Inn

Your Room

Each double occupancy RIT Inn room has two double beds with mattresses, desks, desk chairs, and on-wall bedside lamps. Each room also has one night stand, a 6-drawer dresser, floor lamp, desk lamp, alarm clock, iron, ironing board, hair dryer, and a closet. All rooms have a private bath with shower, are carpeted, and have window shades.

All the beds at the RIT Inn are doubles and you will need to bring all appropriate bed linens and a blanket/comforter for a double bed.

Suggested items to bring for your RIT Inn room included:

A cart or dolly to transport your items from your unloading location to your room (a limited number of carts will be available at the front desk), boxes to hold your items that can be broken down and recycled, bungee cords to use with dolly, athletic equipment and clothes, bathrobe, double (full) size bedspread or comforter, blankets, sheets, pillow, mattress pad (no egg crate mattress pads are allowed, due to fire safety regulations), bookends, crates to stack in the closet for clothes or books, shampoo, soap, personal items, camera, can opener, clothes basket, hamper or laundry basket, computer, 2 fused power strips, dishes, cups, mugs, bowls (make sure you can use them in a microwave), silverware, dish soap and sponge, clothes hangers, flashlight and batteries, poster mounts for photos and posters, first aid kit, band aids, aspirin, cold medicine, tissues, book bag, desk lamp (lamps that are torchier style or have halogen bulbs larger than 300 watts are not allowed), laundry soap, school supplies, screwdriver, raincoat and umbrella, refrigerator no larger than 5 cubic feet, toothbrush and toothpaste, sewing kit, music system-stereo, iPod, towels and washcloths, DVD player (movies too), winter coat with a hood, gloves, mittens and scarf, paper towels, and money. Help RIT be "green" and bring energy-efficient light bulbs.

Room Care and Resident Responsibility

Room care and cleanliness are the responsibility of the students who share the room- one reason we ask students about their cleaning preferences. Rooms must be kept clean for health and safety reasons. Vacuum cleaners may be obtained from your resident adviser. The common areas of the buildings (bathrooms, lounges, etc.) are cleaned regularly by RIT Inn staff.

Each room is inspected at the start of the school year. You will be asked to sign a check-in condition form verifying the condition of the room. Forms must be submitted to the front desk of the RIT Inn or Housing Operations within 48 hours of your move-in date or you waive the right to provide input.

Checking In and Out of Your RIT Inn Room

Students assigned to the RIT Inn can check in at the front desk of the RIT Inn.

To properly check out of your room, you need to complete a key return envelope, enclose your room key card, submit to the front desk of the RIT Inn, and remove all your personal belongings.

Short-Term Housing at the RIT Inn

At the start of fall term, some transfer, graduate, and upperclassmen who have not been assigned permanent RIT housing are placed in short-term housing in the hotel area of the RIT Inn. Students placed in short-term housing will be reassigned to permanent RIT housing throughout fall, winter, and spring terms.

If you are assigned to short-term housing at the RIT Inn, you must check in at Housing Operations located in Grace Watson Hall prior to moving into your RIT Inn room. To properly check out of your room, you need to complete a key return envelope, enclose your room key card, submit to the front desk of the RIT Inn, and remove all your personal belongings.

Additionally, if you are assigned to a short-term housing at the RIT Inn, bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, bedspread, and pillows are provided for you.

Mailboxes for students assigned to short-term housing at the RIT Inn are in the post office in the tunnel area underneath Nathaniel Rochester Hall.

Residence Life

Residence Life provides two live-in Community Advocate staff members to assist in advocacy, community living, connecting with the RIT campus, conflict resolution, and provide social and educational programs.

Vacation Closing

Feel free to stay in your RIT Inn room during quarter breaks if you are returning the next quarter.


Pets are not allowed at the RIT Inn.


Dining - Petals Restaurant

Petals offers Bistro style dining with a wide variety of tasteful offerings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a cozy, comfortable dining environment. Snacks, grab-and-go offerings, and coffee station are also available. Specials are offered daily, seven days a week. Petals accepts dining/dining debit plans, Tiger Bucks, cash, debit, and Visa/MasterCard.

Students assigned to the RIT Inn are required to be on an RIT dining plan. For more information on dining plans, visit RIT Dining Services.

Shuttle Bus and Parking

The RIT Inn express shuttle offers convenient shuttle service to and from the RIT Inn to the main campus and operates Monday through Friday from approximately 7:30 a.m. - 1:30 a.m. (schedule varies during break and summer periods). The express shuttle loops every 15-20 minutes providing quick and efficient service to students.

Additionally, students who have cars and are assigned to the RIT Inn receive a free reserved parking pass to the campus lot of their choice upon availability. Parking at the RIT Inn is free.

For shuttle bus schedules and more information on parking and transportation, visit RIT Parking & Transportation.

Cable Television

Rooms are equipped with a television and free standard cable service provided through TimeWarner Communications.


A telephone with automated voicemail and telephone line are provided in each room. Local calling services are fee, but long-distance calls require a calling card.


Rooms have one floor and desk lamp and two on-wall bedside lamps.

Connections to the RIT Computer Network

Your own Ethernet jack in your room allows you free, direct, high-speed access to the campus network and the Internet. You can access your campus computer account, read and respond to email from your desktop, use library resources via the World Wide Web, and share information with other students and teachers around the world.


Storage space is not available. We suggest that at the beginning of the year you attempt to send home as much of your excess luggage, boxes, and crates as possible.

Personal Property Insurance

RIT strongly encourages all students to maintain insurance coverage for their personal possessions while attending school. RIT assumes no responsibility for losses of students' personal belongings.

RIT is pleased to offer Personal Property Insurance through CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. The CSI Student Personal Property Protector Plus® is underwritten by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and offers several different limit and deductible options providing students greater flexibility to select the type and amount of coverage that best serves their needs. All CSI policyholders are automatically eligible to purchase ALL risk coverage for photography related equipment that is rented or borrowed for short term periods up to an additional $25,000 in value per occurrence.

The plans are available through:

CSI Insurance Agency, Inc.
(888) 411-4911

Please refer to the Student Personal Property Brochure for additional details and exclusions. Also included are annual rates, additional general information about the program, and an application form.

Appliances and Other Information

To comply with fire-safety regulations, appliances are limited to clocks, televisions, personal computers, printers, VCRs, DVDs, surge-protection outlet strips, stereos, radios, fans, hair dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, small refrigerators (no larger than five cubic feet), and answering machines. All other electrical appliances are not allowed. No appliance may have an exposed heating element. All appliances must be UL approved.

An iron and ironing board are included in your room.

Material that might be used to attach posters to your walls should not leave any residue, oil spots, or stick glue and should not mar the wall surface.

Mail Service

Student mailboxes are located at the RIT Inn. Note - mailboxes for students temporarily assigned to the RIT Inn are in the post office in the tunnel area underneath Nathaniel Rochester Hall.

Laundry Services

Free on-site laundry is available at the RIT Inn.

Location and Contact Information

Located four miles from campus at:

5257 West Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14467, USA

Phone: (585) 359-1800

Fax: (585) 359-1349

For general questions or comments, please email Janice Emerson, General Manager, at

RIT Inn Resources