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Where You'll Live: Lifestyle Floors

Click to view a chart of lifestyle and specialty housing locations in the residence halls.

Intensified Study Floors

RIT is a university for focused students, and these floors promote an environment that encourages academic study groups and a more structured study atmosphere. Floor programs are centered around encouraging interpersonal relationships through academic, social, recreational, cultural, and athletic activities.

Wellness Lifestyle Option

If you're committed to a healthy lifestyle, the Wellness Lifestyle Option offers a chance to live with others who are nutrition conscious, engaged in fitness activities, and are familiar with wellness information. Students also agree not to smoke outside and bring the smell of smoke in on their clothing. Floor programs focus on health-related activities, group activities, and community development.

Alcohol/Substance-Free Lifestyle Option

RIT's alcohol policy prohibits possession, consumption, or evidence of alcohol in all residence halls. An increasingly popular option for many students is an alcohol and substance-free living arrangement.

These floors are for students who seek a coeducational living environment where residents and their guests agree to keep their living area free from alcohol at all times. Members agree to abstain from all non-prescribed mood-altering drugs. Students agree not to smoke outside and bring the smell of smoke in on their clothing. Life other lifestyle options, this program has been developed to create a healthy, proactive environment that supports students' academic and personal growth without limiting their enjoyment of the traditional college activities.

Students who are in recovery from alcohol and other substances or who come from families where addiction has been an issue might be interested in the One Day at a Time program, founded on principles of the 12-step program and offering weekly support meetings. Special programming and support services are available on an individual and/or group level.

Want more information? Please contact IMPACT, RIT's Substance and Drug Education and Prevention Program, at (585) 475-7081,, or SAISD, Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf, at (585) 475-4978 (Voice/TTY).

21 and Over Lifestyle Option

To create a more congenial atmosphere for adult students, this floor houses students who are 21 and over (for fall quarter move in, students must be 21 by September 1st). This is ideal for students who want a residence hall experience shared with older students.

Smoke Free Buildings

Smoking is prohibited in RIT housing, residential quads, and within 25 feet of any residential building. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside.

Single-Sex Floors

If you prefer to live in a single-sex environment, you may request this option on your residence hall contract. Students may also be placed on a single-sex floor without requesting this option in order to maintain the balance of males and females on co-ed floors. Opposite-sex visitation is allowed on single-sex floors.

Gender- Inclusive Floor

For freshmen students who prefer to live in a gender-inclusive environment should contact Housing Operations at 585-475-2572, or email at

Honors Housing

Students who have been accepted into the RIT Honors Program have the opportunity to live in honors housing in Carleton Gibson Hall, where they can build friendships and mutual support in the honors community while taking advantage of honors activities beyond the classroom. First-year honors students are encouraged to select honors housing, but may also choose other residence hall options, such as special-interest houses.

Study Abroad Housing Center

Are you interested in exploring the possibility of studying abroad during your time at RIT? If yes, the Study Abroad Housing Cluster offers you the opportunity to interact with students who are currently studying abroad and those who have completed their abroad experience. Expert advice on how to structure your class schedule and finances, social activities, cooking, and informal cultural and language studies are only a part of what this cluster has to offer.

Living-Learning Communities

Students who have been accepted into a Living-Learning Community via their academic department have the opportunity to take classes and live with a group of cohorts from their college. Students will experience peer and faculty interaction and activities that will enhance their personal and academic development.

Thematic-Learning Communities

Thematic-Learning Communities (TLCs) offer students the opportunity to live together while exploring a topic of common interest. The topic areas available for the 2012-2013 academic year are Global Leadership and Sustainability.

Global Leadership Learning Community

By participating in the Global Leadership Learning Community (GLCC), you will explore and develop your leadership skills through interactive experiences, including a retreat and ropes course, the two-credit course Leader in You, conferences, workshops, and many informal interactions with your floormates. Participants also have the opportunity to earn a leadership certificate as they explore their values and leadership styles through a global lens. Community members are selected based on an application process, not on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications must be received by May 1.

Sustainability Learning Community

By participating in the Sustainability Learning Community, you will take part in moving RIT towards a sustainable future. Members of this community will interact with RIT faculty, staff, and the local community to explore the difference areas of sustainability and develop a project in their favorite area. This may include field trips, behind-the-scenes tours, project meetings, and social events with delicious locally grown food. Students who participate will grow intellectually and socially as they discover how they can be a steward of our natural resources.

Mainstream Floors

Mainstreamed floors where both deaf/hard-of-hearing and hearing students live are located in Ellingson, Peterson, Residence Hall D, Sol Heumann, and Gibson halls.

Housing Operations does not assign hearing and deaf/hard-of-hearing students as roommates unless both students request an assignment together. Students may be placed on a mainstream floor without requesting this option.

The RAs assigned to these floors have sign language skills and special training related to the needs of the hearing and deaf/hard-of-hearing population. RAs may be hearing or deaf/hard-of-hearing.