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Kate Gleason Hall

Gleason Hall (abbreviation: KGH) is a residence hall that is closest to the Quarter Mile and Gracie's dining hall. The floors offer a combination of co-ed and single sex (male) rooms. The building has seven floors. Students have access to kitchenettes with a microwave and TV.

Who is Eligible?

  • Freshmen
  • Current Students
  • Transfers
  • Graduates

      Room Types

      Occupancy requirements
      Double (two persons)
      Triple (three persons)
      Quad (four persons)

      See virtual tours for room dimensions and furniture information

  • Co-ed floors
  • Living – learning communities
  • Male floors
  • Furnished
  • Free shuttle bus service
  • Wireless access
  • Ethernet jacks
  • Air conditioning
  • TigerTV - live streaming that includes HBO, HBO GO, Cinemax, and MAX GO
  • Phone landline
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Volleyball court
  • Grills & picnic area
  • Smoke-free
  • Locked 24/7 with card access required
  • Microwave - in lounge
  • Television - in lounge
  • All utilities included
  • Fire strobe lighting


Double rooms in the residence halls come in two basic shapes (These are approximations. Room sizes, shapes and layouts vary from building to building, even room to room on any given floor):

Rectangular, measuring approximately 17' long by 10' wide. These rooms are generally located in the high-rise sections of the residence halls.

Square, approximately 12' long by 14' wide. These rooms are generally located in the low-rise sections.

Bedding and decor not included.

In addition, there are approximately 120 triple and quad student rooms located throughout the residence halls. These rooms are larger to comfortably accommodate multiple students. Residence rooms no matter their occupancy level are assigned on a random basis.

Furniture for each occupant:

lofting unit
closet or wardrobe
window shades

Each room is equipped with a wastebasket and recycle trash can.

All rooms are carpeted* and have window shades. Visit our Room with a View page for inspirational room decorating ideas provided by local businesses!

*Some residence hall rooms have no carpet in anticipation of meeting an ADA accommodation. Student without accommodations may be placed in these rooms.

2017-2018 - Residence Hall Rates
Room Size
Per Semester, Per Person*
Per 2 Semesters, Per Person*
Summer 2018 Per Person, Per Week
Multiple Occupancy
Large Single
Single w/ Bathroom
Alternate Occupancy

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