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Machine Intelligence Lab

Location: ENG-2550

The Machine Intelligence Laboratory is a research lab in the Department of Computer Engineering that supports machine learning, autonomous systems, human-computer interaction, and robotics with an emphasis on deep learning. Students in the laboratory are fluent in low level embedded control for robotics applications, as well as high level code such as Python, MATLAB, Caffe, and Torch for advanced deep learning research.

In addition to seven 12-GB GPU-enabled workstations for compute intensive deep learning tasks, the Machine Intelligence  Laboratory provides 11 workstations (five of which are located in its sister location, ENG-4150), each with an Intel core i5 64-bit 3.20-GHz processor and 8-GB RAM. 

Faculty: Dr. Raymond Ptucha

  Rochester Institute of Technology
One Lomb Memorial Drive,
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
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