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Thermal Fluids Lab

Thermal Fluids Lab

This laboratory houses the equipment used for the Thermal-Fluids Laboratory 1 course, and the test section for the RIT low-speed wind tunnel. Thermal-Fluids Lab 1 is typically taken by students in their second or third year of study, and emphasizes the application of principles learned in the Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics courses. Course work additionally emphasizes the introduction and application of skills that are relevant to experimentation in an engineering context: report writing, design of experiments, and analysis of experimental uncertainties. Investigations include an empirical analysis of vortex tubes; characterization of a vapor-compression refrigeration system; performance characterization of series and parallel centrifugal pumps; and pressure distribution in a pipe.


The low-speed wind tunnel; two Brodhead-Garrett refrigeration trainers; two  custom-built centrifugal pump rigs; a pipe flow rig; a hydraulic flow bench; and induced-draft blower system for heat exchanger testing; various refrigeration demo devices; support and teaching equipment for the wind tunnel, including a large number of wing shapes and bluff body profiles; two digital pressure scanners; a large selection of pneumatic components (valves, cylinders, fittings, and tubing); pressure sensors and gages; flow meters and gages; significant surplus materials for design projects.

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