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Product Innovation in a Global Economy

KGCOE honors students have the opportunity to take a series of specialized courses in their first two years. These courses are required for all KGCOE honors students who qualify to take the domestic trip in their second year and fulfill a free elective requirement . These courses count as four university honors points and as four credits of free elective.

In the Design Process course, each team must solve an open-ended design problem. In the Tip-a-Can project, the teams must design a vessel that will tip over within 30 seconds without any human intervention.
In the Reverse Engineering course, students working in small multidisciplinary teams perform a controlled distmantling of Toby the Totbot (supplied by Fisher-Price, Inc.) in association with presentations about design for manufacturing and assembly and design for safety. Additionally, the teams "reverse engineer" another toy of their choosing and then give a presentation to the rest of the class about their selected toy.

Purpose of the Courses
The purpose of these courses is to provide an added dimension to a classic undergraduate engineering curriculum. Specifically, the goal of the program is to provide the honors students with a full appreciation of the product development cycle, from concept to realization; in particular, how products are conceived, how decisions are made at the corporate level to pursue certain products and not others, and how product concepts are refined, engineered, and then manufactured for the marketplace. All courses are required by all engineering honors students and are taken during the first two years in the program.

0302-231 – Introduction to Honors Engineering
This is a KGCOE honors course. In meetings throughout the term, discussions center on the objectives of the honors course sequence in engineering and establish rapport between students and faculty mentors. Class 1, Credit 0 (F)

0302-232 – Product Realization I: Concept Development
This is a KGCOE honors course. Overview of how new innovative products are developed to meet the expanding needs of a global economy. Primary focus in PR I is on concept creation, inspired by customer needs. Key questions to address include, how does one obtain an authentic assessment of customer needs, and why do some products succeed while others fail in the marketplace? . Class 2, Credit 1 (W)

0302-233 – Product Realization II: Concept to Prototype
This is the second of a two-part KGCOE honors course sequence focusing on product realization. Students will develop a high level understanding of the process by which engineers translate a product concept into a functional prototype that meets a variety of constraints including manufacturability, human factors such as safety and ease of use, cost containment and intellectual property. (0302-232) Class 2, Credit 1 (S)

0302-234 – Manufacturing and Globalization
This is a KGCOE honors course. This course looks at the effects globalization has on U.S. manufacturing. Topics included are supply chain management and logistics, lean manufacturing, outsourcing, corporations and profitability, and the impact of government policies and monetary issues on globalization. Class 2, Credit 1 (F)

0302-235 – Preparation for Honors Domestic Trip
This course is for KGCOE students planning to participate on the domestic trip. Student teams will research the companies they will visit and report back to the class on their findings. Class 1, Credit 0 (W)

0302-236 – Leadership, Ethics and Sustainability
A series of presentations by guest speakers will address the topics of leadership, ethics and sustainability. Class 2, Credit 1 (S)

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